Hello there! I’m Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut. Welcome to my blog slash obsession.

amanda aka semi-health nut october 2013


The goal of this blog is to give you my “semi-healthy” perspective on nutrition, fitness and life.

What this means to me:

  • I promote eating a wide variety of foods. You will find no extreme restrictions or dieting fads here.
  • I believe in “gentle nutrition” where I try to get my veggies and fruits in each day, but also realize there will be occasional days when I only eat cereal and dessert–and that’s okay!
  • I believe that fitness should be fun!
  • I believe in giving yourself a break. Although I have natural perfectionist tendencies, I work on loving myself despite my successes and failures I have in any given arena.

the color run 2013
(Color Run fun!)


Why “semi-healthy”?

In my early twenties I worked in an office in Nebraska (my home state) where I was called a “health nut” for doing things like eating broccoli and going to the gym after work. I knew I wasn’t truly a health nut with my love for baking and eating pizza, so “semi-health nut” seemed to fit better. In fact, I grew up as a picky eater on a diet of macaroni, poptarts, ravioli and PB&J. This is possibly why I am so fascinated as an adult with trying new foods and learning to cook. I love sharing those adventures here!

me at noodles and company

I also grew up baking with my mom and I am always after creating the next best cookie recipe. I enjoy finding ways to add nutrients to my baked goods to call them “semi-healthy.” [Check out my cookies recipes and posts here.]
mixing cookies and baking


Blog history:

I created this blog to share my semi-healthy adventures. Truth be told, I was strongly influenced by the movie and book Julie and Julia. I hardly wrote the first few months and didn’t even share my full name or a picture of myself for the first year! (I might have had some stranger-danger issues.) I had no idea I would find so many other bloggers and that I would make some of my very best friends just by creating this little blog on the internet.

blend retreat photo booth

I’ve attended many blogger meet ups, both formal and informal including Blend Retreat in May 2012 + May 2013 and most recently the Healthy Living Summit in September 2013. It was at HLS that I decided I wanted to take my blog to the next level by having my own “self-hosted” site using WordPress which was quite the feat, but I am excited to see where this next step takes me!

I very much enjoy sharing my life via food, fitness and random ramblings with all of you! 


More About Me:

I’m a 27 year old gal who recently moved from what I thought was a big city in Nebraska to the twin cities. Boy was that a shock! I’m getting used to the big city and enjoying the many lakes and trails in Minnesota.


I moved here with my very long-term boyfriend, Dave, who makes me laugh on a daily basis and has even written a WIAW post for this blog!
dave and i at wedding

We both miss our families back in Nebraska very much, but we try to make it back as often as possible.

christmas 2013
baby aaron Christmas 2013

dave's family 2013

I just obtained my NASM personal training certification (more updates about that soon!) and am currently working at a gym cafe where I get to make delicious and nutritious food for people.

turkey avocado sandwich

I am also a paid writer (!!) for Lifehack and Creation Based Health (<-check out my posts!).

Amanda DeWitt - Lifehack



My ultimate goal is to be a dietitian and to write a book (or two) that will help women learn to feed themselves without feeling guilty and to exercise in a way that makes them happy, not obsessive. Although school is on hold for now, I have time to develop my writing skills, learn more about the fitness and health, and work on this lovely blog.


Please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me via any of the many social media outlets found on the sidebar. I would love to learn more about you and your story! Thank you so much for reading!
amanda aka semi health nut

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  1. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Email subscribing I hope. Kinda hard to find.

  2. says

    I love your ‘semi-healthy’ viewpoint. It really makes you seem balanced, and not extreme. It’s refreshing and encouraging for me as I continue to try and balance that every day.

  3. YD says

    -Love your about page, including all the fun pics!! (No criticism for the positive message and helpful information found in the P.F. Chang’s quick dinners for two post. Great work, Amanda!

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