Shape Diva Dash 2014 in Minnesota

So remember a month ago when I did the Shape Diva Dash Giveaway? And then two weeks ago when I was all nervous about running my very first obstacle course?

Well, I’m happy to say I conquered the Shape Diva Dash 2014 in Minnesota!

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Alex won the giveaway, so her mom used my discount code (which you can still use! find it on the sidebar or the giveaway post!) and together we headed over to Stillwater, Minnesota’s fairgrounds.

shape diva dash stillwater fairgrounds 2014

We got there about 90 minutes early, which is how early we were told to get there, and the volunteers were still setting up. It was a bit weird how there were barely any ladies there yet, especially when I thought about my last fun run where we waited over an hour after the start time to run.

This time we actually were able to check in and hang out for awhile before the race started. Of course as bloggers, Alex and I took this opportunity to get some pictures.

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Since we were so early and we all had plans for the rest of the day, we decided to start the race early…with the elite runners. The Shape Diva Dash was super laid back and there was no one checking to see if we were actually elite runners (do they do that at normal races?). We had some fun getting warmed up to music and then off we went!

The race coordinators never told us what exactly the obstacles were going to be, so all I had to go off of was the pictures I saw on the website. The entire time I was thinking about the see-saw obstacle and absolutely dreading it.

The thing is…Alex and I both knew we were running/racing for fun, so we ended up just taking our time, conquering each obstacle as it came, giggling when we felt clumsy or slow, and taking approximately 1 billion pictures along the way. It ended up taking Alex and myself about 45 minutes to make it the 2.7 miles (nope, wasn’t a full 5K), although Alex’s mom kicked butt and finished in 5th place at 25 minutes.


Shape Diva Dash Obstacles:

I haven’t done monkey bars since grade school! 

shape diva dash obstacles

 The dreaded see-saw….

shape diva dash obstacle  via @semihealthnut at


The last two obstacles….

shape diva dash finishing obstacles via @semihealthnut at


What I LOVED About the Shape Diva Dash:

The volunteers. Each and every one was so encouraging and willing to take pictures of us on all of the obstacles. One lady even held my hand on the see-saw because she heard me “joking” about how nervous I was to climb that obstacle. She wouldn’t let go either which made for some pretty funny pictures.

The runners. I knew we should have all dressed up, and I totally am going to next year, but all of the gals running were so nice and encouraging as well. We made friends with the superhero bunch because Alex and I kept passing them/getting passed by them for most of the race.

The obstacles. Nothing was too challenging or dangerous that I could see. Climbing the wall seemed a bit scary, but there were volunteers everywhere to help. Each obstacle also had a challenging part and an easier part, so each runner could decide where she fell on the spectrum.

I conquered a lot of fears! Almost every obstacle we ran up to I got nervous because these aren’t things I do in my regular workouts. But every single time I finished the obstacle and wondered what the heck I was so nervous about! They were never as bad as they seemed.

shape diva dash via @semihealthnut


What Could Be Improved About the Shape Diva Dash:

It did seem a tad unorganized since the time we were told to show up wasn’t even close to when everything at the race was ready to go.

As always, I wish these types of races were chipped, but it did take the pressure off to run fast.

Both myself and Alex’s mom showed it was only 2.7 miles, but maybe we took some shortcuts that made it less than 5K?

It was also a little toasty and could have been started earlier in the morning to avoid the heat.


Overall, I am definitely planning on going next year (or finding another race this year to run!). I felt stronger and more confident leaving than when I came in..and who doesn’t love to feel strong and confident? We kicked some serious butt and I’m so happy we went!

shape diva dash recap 


Next race…Bacon Chase 5K in July! 

use this one amanda


Tell me….

Have you ever run an obstacle course? Which one?

Do you want to do the Bacon Chase with me??


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Disclaimer: I was given a free entry to race, one to giveaway,  and earn a few bucks for every person that uses my discount code in exchange for my honest opinion on the race. I’m sure you know this by now, but as usual, this is all 110% my honest opinion.


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    • says

      I actually won Alex’s Dirty Girl giveaway so the mud run is next on the list! I have heard things about people getting sick from the mud…gotta keep your mouth closed haha.

      You should let me know when one comes up in your area! I can hang out with you in the Cleave!
      Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Treat Yo SelfMy Profile

  1. says

    I’m glad I read this! I’ve always been nervous to do an obstacle course since they look so hard. Maybe a diva one would be just right for me!
    Shelly recently posted…May RecapMy Profile

    • says

      haha monkey bars! I seriously used to do them all. the. time. when I was little! I think it might help to have gloves at this kind of race. I saw a couple of ladies who had them. Seems like they would be slippery on the monkey bars, but for the couple of rope things they would come in handy!
      Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Treat Yo SelfMy Profile

  2. says

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I would LOVE to do something like this someday! I LOVE obstacle courses! It may have to wait until my running is no longer my career, as I know myself and I would get too competitive and injure myself, then I would be a grump for a long time!!!!! Someday :) Glad I can live it through you for now :)
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