Nutrition and Fitness Favorites: Did You Know Friday Link-Up #5

Hey semi-healthy readers! Although I’m in the far off land of Park City, Utah with my Blends, I still remembered it would be the first Friday of the month today meaning it’s time for another Did You Know link-up! My brain isn’t TOO far gone! 😉 (thank goodness for vacation though!)

If you haven’t heard about this nutrition and fitness link-up:

Basically Emily from More Than Just Dessert started a weekly post featuring different nutrition topics and she decided she wanted to do a link-up each month with myself and Emily from Sinful Nutrition. Not only am I honored, I am so excited to have this motivation to write more nutrition related posts because the very reason I started this blog was because I have a passion for [semi-healthy] nutrition! 

did you know nutrition link up button

I have talked about having a fuzzy or scrambled brain for the past week, so it’s probably no surprise that I forgot to write a post specifically for this nutrition and fitness link-up. I am honestly lucky I remembered to sign up for the Healthy Living Summit. I thought I may as well since I am scheduled to SPEAK at it!

BUT I do have plenty of posts from the past month I can (and will) link-up here such as:

15 Smoothie Recipes You Should Try

15 smoothie recipes you should try this summer via @semihealthnut at


Food As Fuel

green smoothie


9 Nutrition and Fitness Posts You Should Read



Would You Rather: Running Questions #2

would you rather..running questions


So off you go to read all of these nutrition and fitness favorites and/or link-up your own! Don’t forget to come back next week for a guest post featuring a leg workout and likely a recap of Blend shenanigans. 


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What are your favorite kind of nutrition and fitness posts? Recipes? Workouts? Facts?


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