Apera Bags Discount Code, Review + Giveaway

Those are some words that will make people take notice, right?

Discount Code. Review. Giveaway.

Especially that last one…at least if you’re like me and you like free stuff. 😉

Apera bags are all about being clean. Or “defunked” as they call it. They are specially treated to be antimicrobial inside and out plus they have vents to let your stuff breath so that your gym bag doesn’t end up smelly. It even has a separate area for your schweaty clothes and shoes. That’s smart if you ask me.

Not only do Apera bags have a separate compartment for your dirty and clean clothes…they have compartments galore!

I was able to pick one out to test drive and I chose the Apera Bags Yoga Tote in pink. (Of course.) I have been getting into yoga lately and thought that should I ever decide to buy my own mat, it would be great to have a bag for it.

Yoga Tote  PureSport by Apera Bags via @semihealthnut on semihealthyblog.com

If you didn’t see it in the photo above, to get 20% off, use:

Discount Code: SUMMER2014

They also have a 40% discount on all blue bags. Blue as in the color. 😉

I took this handy bag with me to Blend Retreat this year and it came in super handy when it was time to shove a bunch of extra swag inside. Plus it helped to have all of the compartments so I could keep organized in the hotel room. Not that I was super organized…but it helped.

apera bags review and giveaway via @semihealthnut at semihealthyblog.com

What I LOVED about the Yoga Tote from Apera Bags:

The color. It’s the perfect shade of bright pink.

All of the pockets! Can I emphasize enough how awesome this is? I am an organization nerd, so this gets me super excited. Especially the separate spot for shoes and dirty clothes because I always forget an extra bag.

The ventilation. 

Knowing that it is collecting less germs and will be less smelly over time is quite comforting.

Tons of storage space. For the purpose of the photo shoot, I shoved an entire puffy blanket inside, plus some clean clothes in both side pockets. As you can see, it has a lot of room for expansion.


What Could Be Improved about the Yoga Tote from Apera Bags:

It needs a pad for the shoulder strap. It was pure torture standing in line at the airport, but I’m sure in normal life it isn’t as bothersome. The other bags have the pad, but the yoga tote swapped it for the carrying handles.


And for your amusement..my attempt at my second self-photo-shoot was, to me, hilarious. My first one was with Stitch Fix and at least I had Dave there to laugh with. This one was just plain awkward. Awkward but funny, yes? I suppose I will never grow up to be a model. And the lighting seemed much better at the time, but now…

awkward photo shoot

You have to be able to laugh at yourself…right??


Apera Bags has been generous enough to offer a giveaway of their Sprint Pack on the blog today. It’s one of those smaller bags that is perfect to take on a hike or to a race, except it has the special antimicrobial coat AND tons of pockets! 

Something to note about this bag is that one of these is donated to the Special Olympics for every three that they sell. Talk about a worthy cause!

Good luck to all! (US and Canada Only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apera Bags is also hosting a giveaway in the month of June on their site if you want yet another chance to win!


use this one amanda



Disclaimer: As you have probably gathered, I was given an Apera bag plus allowed to do a giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion on the product.

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  1. says

    This bag would be perfect for going to the gym. I’m about ready to retire my Blend 2012 Chobani bag, and Mark has my 2013 bag. :)

  2. says

    You gotta love a product with a cause… almost as much as you’ve got to love a bag with tons of pockets!! Plus your photo shoot is totally adorable :)

  3. says

    Hhaha! You are too funny! I love the photos regardless. Plus I always look at people’s “selfies” and they look awesome and then I take one and..uhh…yea. Maybe I just need to find my right angle?! lol This bag looks great!

  4. Alicia says

    Cute! I run at lunch so having an antimicrobrial bag would keep all my sweaty clothes from getting too stinky!

  5. says

    These Apera Bags look awesome! So functional, too! I’d use it for multiple purposes: Hiking, going to the park and bringing my laptop in it and snacks to “work” away from home, etc. I hope I will win this Giveaway!
    ~Amy :-)
    Amy recently posted…Thinking Out Loud Thursday #1!My Profile

  6. Laura W says

    I’ve just moved to a super bike-friendly city and have started biking to work – definitely would use this bag to help haul my stuff!

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