Rock Bottom Brewery and Jitterbugs

I bet you think you’re going to see what I ate on Memorial Day weekend. 

Think again! muahaha

All of this food is actually from when I visited the family in Nebraska two weekends ago.

The main reason I traveled down to my home state was that my baby brother had just graduated and was moving to KC to live with his boyfriend. [You may remember something sappy about this in a recent post or on Instagram.] This involved eating for the first time at Rock Bottom Brewery and learning how to swing dance with the Jitterbugs. 

I was originally going to run the Girls on the Run Spring 5K (which I was really excited about) and Dave was going to attend a friend’s birthday party in Omaha. Then I found out about brother Josh’s big send off and decided I had better hop in the car with Dave and head to good ol’ Nebraska.

me at reststop

Last stop selfie. Sometimes when you’re on the road for 7 hours this seems like a good idea.

Rock Bottom Brewery

We just barely made it to town in time for dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery in Omaha’s Old Market district. Parking was carazy so I’m glad our plans worked out so that Dave could drop me off downtown and head to his friend’s birthday party.

I ordered the Avocado Chicken Sandwich with a side of broccoli. (There’s that whole semi-healthy thing.) I also may have ordered a tall glass of sugar-filled alcohol by the name of passionfruit Mojito. It was a celebration, afterall.

The chicken was juicy, the broccoli wasn’t drowned in butter (both good things), but I think the sweet drink hurt my tummy a bit. :(

rockbottom brewery in Omaha review

Brother Josh ordered the 2am burger which came with a fried egg on top.

Overall we had a pleasant experience at the Rock Bottom Brewery. The waitress was great; food was delicious. I loved the open dining room with giant windows where you could watch people walk around downtown and they even had these cool tables with individual taps right on the table. I have no idea how those taps was debated at our own table whether you would have to pay for the whole keg in order to pour your drinks from it. The prices were similar to that of a Chili’s or Applebees and rightfully so. I’d definitely go back to the one in Omaha or even check out the Rockbottom Brewery near us in Minneapolis.

The Jitterbugs

After dinner it was off for some swing-dancing with the Jitterbugs! 

the jitterbugs

Years back, before Dave and I even started dating (it’s been 6 years as of this month!), I was considering attending school in Michigan. I checked out a private Christian college there one weekend and ended up taking a beginner’s swing-dancing class.

But that was 6 years ago and only one class! I decided to join in with the beginner group where we all learned the basics of swing dancing. It was fairly awkward (to me) because we were in a circle with a partner picked out and then we had to rotate to a new partner basically when we had everything figured out with the current partner. Yes, it was good practice because every partner is different, but still weird to me.

I will admit it was fun when I found a partner that was somewhat good. The traditional role of the male lead means that basically all the gal (or the follower) has to do is keep a beat and pay attention to what the dude (or lead) is doing, therefore a lot of it rests on the lead’s shoulders.

dancing with josh

Brother Josh has been dancing with this swing-dancing group for years and is quite the expert, so a lot of his dancer friends came for his send-off. Really it was like he was a celebrity. Everyone had to get a dance in with him and I barely made the cut. It was so fun seeing him in his element and I got all emotional and probably embarrassing taking tons of pictures and video of him dancing.

brother Josh is awesome

Other Weekend Eats

Other eats that weekend included a variety of BBQ-esque items when we hung out at Dave’s parent’s house.

bbq eats food

Lunch there was followed by a wild afternoon of playing UNO. There were “house rules” that made each game go on for-ev-er. Especially when you have 6 adults playing. One of the crazy house rules is that if someone lays down a draw four, if the next person also has a draw four, he or she may lay that down and make the next person draw 8. Unless that next person also has a draw four, he or she can lay that one down. We all ended up with a pile of cards in our hand at one point or another.

uno game


That evening Dave and I had dinner at Village Inn with my mom, sisters and nephew. I always seem to get breakfast when I’m there and this time was no different. Hello french toast and eggs!

village inn french toast eggs bacon


And hello stud muffin of a nephew!

nephew aaron hoodie

nephew aaron cellphone


Before we knew it, it was Sunday and time to hit the road again! I kind of hate these short trips since there are always so many people I want to see, so hopefully I can take a few days this summer to hang out a little longer in O town. 


use this one amanda


Tell me….

Have you ever been swing dancing? Did you like it?

What is your favorite adult beverage?


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  1. Shelly says

    My husband’s brother has used the table taps before. The ones he used involved sliding a credit card, and then it would get charged for each pour. The tap automatically poured 16 ounces I believe. I want to use one!

  2. Nikki says

    I love Village Inn growing up we went there all the time – and there wasn’t much choice northern Minnesota!! lol Rock bottom is fun too!
    what a great weekend thanks for sharing

  3. says

    Okay, if you ever go back you MUST have the mac ‘n cheese. It’s to die for, so, so good.

    And if Dave’s a beer guy (cause I don’t think you’re a beer girl?) then go in the fall and get the pumpkin brew (don’t remember what it’s called). They rim the glass with cinnamon & sugar!

    We have one in DSM – one of my favorite restaurants!

  4. Rebecca P. says

    UNO!!!!!! That is a family tradition for us on New Years Eve! We play all night long and our games can go on for hours at a time! Such a good game and so many memories! We always end up cracking up and laughing until we cry when we play!

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