Quick Meals at Home [ Meals for 2 ]

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In a perfect and uber-healthy world, we would all make our food from scratch, and lay off the sauces and baked goods.

But what fun would that be?

In a real world, or in my world at least, frozen or boxed foods make the cut on a weekly basis. Of course there are plenty of veggies and fruit..I am a semi-health nut, after all.

I just don’t always have the time or energy to make everything from scratch.

I am a huge fan of frozen pizzas. I love adding stop-light peppers (red, yellow and green peppers), torn up spinach, a handful of jalapeño cheese and even some spicy pizza seasonings on top before I put it in the oven.

Dave and I will whip up boxed stovetop meals on a regular basis, adding in tomatoes and jalapeños for some extra nutrients. We also have a favorite brand of boxed pad thai we can throw together in under 30 minutes. 

These meals are quick, convenient and with a little help, can be made semi-healthy.


ignite the night with pf changs meals for 2

Speaking of convenient and semi-healthy meals, there’s a pretty sweet offer going on right now at Safeway, (as well as Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, and Tom Thumb, but Safeway is super close to me). It’s right up my alley. With your club card, you can get a free Fresh Express Salad Blend when you purchase $10 on any participating Marie Callender’s BakesBertolli Meals for 2 or PF Changs Meals for 2 varieties.

[edit to add: these meals are already semi-healthy so I wouldn’t even have to mess with them! Especially with the salad deal!]

Decadent dinner + healthy salad = perfect semi-healthy meal.

[edit to add: Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables are often as nutrient dense (if not more so) than the ones you find at your grocery store? This is because they are flash-frozen, or frozen quickly at the perfectly ripe time in the plant’s life to seal in all of its goodness.

I also like the fact that frozen foods have nutrition labels, so I can be my nutrition-nerd self and read all of the facts. This also helps me control my portions better than if I make, for example, a big slow-cooker meal from scratch.]

I’m most excited about the PF Changs Meals for 2. Why?


PF Changs owns one of my absolute favorite places to dine at in the twin cities area. It was even the first meal we shared after moving up here from Nebraska into our new apartment.

You know, one of those meals where the dining table is a stack of boxes, chairs are pillows and you use your portable DVD player to watch a movie together. Super romantic, right?

 fortune from pei wei

The fortunes we got were spot on, too [edit to add: the fortunes from our meal at the restaurant owned by PF Chang’s]. We even pinned them to our bulletin board.

Well, now that we have a real dining table and chairs, we might be able to make a real romantic night out of it! Since we’re already a huge fan of our local restaurant owned by PF Changs, I can’t wait to try the PF Changs Meals for 2!

I will be making a trip to Safeway soon to test out a couple of the meals and report back!

use this one amanda


Tell me….

What are your favorite convenient meal?

How fun is it to eat on the floor when you’re moving into a new place? (At least for the first couple of days, right?)


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  1. Katie Cummings says

    I did a post about their take home orange chicken when I first started blogging, and it still brings me a ton of traffic! Mine wasn’t a sponsored post though, I just freaking love orange chicken. My new favorite quick meal is pasta and a veggie, mainly because the leftovers are lunch the next day.

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