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Saturday was a blast, albeit a little exhausting. The day started out with a color run and ended in a handful of margaritas and laughs (but that’s for another post). 

Kristin from Exploring Domesticity was kind enough to snag me a free entry into the second annual Run or Dye in St Paul this past weekend! I’ve run a couple of other The Color Runs, but this was my first Run or Dye experience. Really I was wondering the whole time why this one would be any different from any other corn-based color-bomb fun run.

run or dye st paul 2014 

It was a chilly morning, so I made sure to layer up with a white long-sleeved tee and I opted for capris instead of shorts. Even so, I shivered most of the time I waited in line. There weren’t any official wave times like I’ve experienced at the past color runs, so everyone showed up around 9am. Thousands of runners. Needless to say, we waited over an hour after the actual 9am start time before we could actually run since they were letting people go in random waves.

I had also JUST got my hair done the day before (don’t ask me why I didn’t think to schedule the apointment after) so my hair lady told me I should wear a hat so I didn’t mess up the work she just did coloring my hair. :)

run or dye st paul 2014 before and after

Overall it was a pretty fun race. I loved meeting Kristin, her cousin and friends as well as her two-year old son who was incredibly well-behaved the whole time. I also got a good amount of color during the actual race and not just at the after-dye-party.

run or dye st paul 2014


At each of the Run or Dye color stations, the workers actually grabbed the dye with their hands from a giant box and threw it at us. I’m pretty sure at the past color runs I’ve done, they had little devices that would blow the color at the runners, so you didn’t get quite as saturated with color.


A few things to note about Run or Dye:

  • Get there early so you may not have to wait as long.
  • As I said in my past The Color Run experience, this is a FUN run. Don’t think you are going to PR. It will be packed, there are strollers…you will probably end up walking quite a bit.
  • Remember to bring a towel to sit on in the car.
  • Although it’s tough..try not to smile or yell as you go through the color stations unless you want color on your teeth!


I’m glad I got to experience my first Run or Dye race in St Paul free of charge! I may even pay to go next time! 😉 use this one amanda



Tell me….

Have you done a color run? Which one?

Are you okay waiting in line for an hour to do a fun run? 


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  1. Carley@OptimisticHealth says

    Oh how fun! Good for your hair lady- I’m so on that level. Hair first, always 😉 Plus that seems like it’d take forever to get out?! I wouldn’t know though cause I’ve never done it. However it seems like fun- the ones at night seem really cool too!

    I don’t know how patient I would be to wait an hour for anything really… Hmm was it the first one they’ve done? Maybe it will be more organized if so. Good job running!

  2. Kristin says

    Yay! I’m glad you had a good time and I had so much fun meeting you! Sounds like our nights ended is a similar fashion too, although I can’t even pinpoint all the different drinks from the bachelorette party! I’ve apparently gotten smart in my old age and managed to adequately re-hydrate and pace myself. And I have to tell you the pole dancing was so much fun!! I’m thinking a blogger meet-up??? :) that job is no joke – I am sore everywhere! It was a great day and I’m so glad we did it together!

  3. says

    Oh man I am “dye-in”(see what I did there? lol…yea not funny, moving on) to do a color run, my schedule always has a conflict when one comes near me though :( I think you’ve given the best tip yet though, keep your mouth closed haha

  4. Sinful Nutrition says

    Looks like you got pretty colorful! I did the color me rad race this past Summer and didn’t get nearly as colorful as you did it seems. Another point, don’t inhale as they throw the color at you. I had to learn that the hard way the first time, haha!

  5. Katie Cummings says

    I’m not okay with waiting an hour for a race, Race officials can see how many people are registering, and I think it is their responsibility to properly prepare for the people registered.

    • says

      I am really hoping they will do official waves next time. Unfortunately waiting for a long period of time has been my experience at all color runs as well as the hot chocolate run, although this seemed to be the longest wait time.

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