The Walking Dead Workout

So is anyone else as obsessed with The Walking Dead as I am??

If you haven’t seen this action-packed, highly graphic, highly emotional television show, you are missing out.

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This is the first season I actually started watching it since I had convinced myself it was too graphic and dramatic every time Dave watched and raved about it. (Okay it is really graphic and really dramatic…although a certain amount of desensitizing has happened)

At the beginning of the season (season 4), I soon realized my then new boss at the gym watched it as well (and was obsessed). I kept watching it to have a conversational topic for our early Monday morning shifts.

Then one morning bright and early, the boss man and I were discussing the episode where SPOILER ALERT Rick sent Carol away and all of a sudden he got really adamant that, “you don’t even KNOW how significant this is!!” I was a bit taken aback by how serious he got about the show. Apparently I wasn’t well-informed enough to discuss The Walking Dead. This comment and my want to know the back stories with The Walking Dead led me to watch the first two seasons over the Christmas break when I was back in Nebraska on my dad’s tread-climber.


I then figured out I could get WiFi at our apartment gym so I could watch the rest of the episodes on Dave’s old tablet. Let me tell you…only watching episodes from shows like The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad while on the treadmill will give you some serious motivation to hit the gym.

Of course by the time I watched all of the back episodes…I had a new boss. It was too late though, a new obsession had emerged. 

I used to think of zombie movies and shows as graphic horror stories. But The Walking Dead about so much more! (<- I told you, obsessed) The show really makes you think about what is right and wrong in a new world with no real rules. It makes you think about how you would survive without modern day comforts like electricity, cell phones, running water, and (gasp) the internet. These people are forced to live in a strange and foreign world where they have to rely on each other simply to live. 

Plus each episode ends with a cliff-hanger…so if you watch it on Netflix you pretty much can’t help watching the next episode. And the next. And the next.


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Then if you are watching it live on television, the Talking Dead airs immediately afterwards so you can dwell on what the heck just happened and learn more about the making of this addicting show and its actors/actresses. This further fuels the Walking Dead obsession. 

Since this blog isn’t really about television shows (and because I want to), I have created a fun workout to do while watching the show! Put that adrenaline and emotion towards getting in a workout!

the walking dead workout via @semihealthnut at

the walking dead workout -- perform while you are watching your favorite episodes--the more intense the episode, the more intense the workout!


In a matter of minutes, the Walking Dead season 4 marathon begins…so surely you can find time between now and Sunday evening to put this workout to good use. Plus the season finale is Sunday night, so I’m guessing it will be more than action-packed enough to get a great workout in while watching.


 use this one amanda

Tell me….

What are your current television obsessions?

Are you watching The Walking Dead season finale?? 


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  1. says

    No Walking Dead for me, but I do watch Sons of Anarchy and that’s about the most graphic show I’ve seen on regular cable. Insane. I would like to start watching the Walking Dead though, but I’ll wait until the Hubby is on a long break from school or completely done so we can do it together.

    • says

      Aw that’s so sweet you’d wait for your hubby! I have successfully watched all of Breaking Bad sans’s just so easy to have Netflix on while I’m blogging or doing dishes etc.

      I’ve seen one Sons of Anarchy episode and it was highly disturbing. A tattoo was removed via knife…I think that was the show anyhow!

  2. Rebecca Pytell says

    Love the Walking Dead! Its the only show I watch, but I’m always a week behind because I watch the previous episode during the week on my laptop since I just can stay up that late on a Sunday! Haha! So no one tell me about the season finale until next weekend!

    • says

      I really should NOT be staying up so late most Sundays since I usually have to get up at 4am to open the cafe on Mondays….but it’s so hard not to watch it especially when I know Dave is watching it!!

      I will try to write SPOILER ALERT if I talk about the Walking Dead on the blog…but probably stay away from my Twitter feed Sunday! 😉

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