NASM Personal Training Certification Test Tomorrow!

I am freaking out! Not for lack of studying (although there was a bit of procrastination on my part), but just because taking a big test like this that I have told EVERYONE about is a little stressful. I am scheduled to take the NASM personal training certification test tomorrow at 1:30pm…eek! How did this day come so quickly??


I really appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement!! I can’t tell you how much it’s pushed me to move forward and work harder when the amount of work I had ahead of me really seemed impossible.

me in turquoise jacket

Thanks again to the lovely guest posters I’ve had on the blog the last couple of weeks:

Finding a Balance with Healthy Eating via Alex from Alex Runs for Food (<–includes two recipes!)

6 Essential Items for Home Workouts via Sarah from Slices of Sarah Pie

St Patrick’s Day Chocolate-Mint Mug Cookie via Becky from Olives n Wine

Thin Mint Cookie Bar Recipe via Krista from Tiny n Fit

Be sure to head over and give these lovely ladies some love if you haven’t already!!


Wish me luck and/or pray that all of the things I have learned in the last couple of months will stick!! :)


use this one amanda


Tell me…

Something good! How was your weekend? When was the last time you overcame a challenge?


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