[ How Sore is Too Sore Part Deux ]

Alternate title: That One Time I Wrote That Post That Got Everyone Riled Up

As I was going over some of my old Blend Retreat posts for the purpose of linking with my Blend Retreat button on the sidebar (we now get referrals for $ off of our tickets so I added a little note to the bottom of my “I’m going” button–>), I came across this lovely number:

Should Your Workout Leave You Sore For Days?

sore today stronger tomorrow

Oh my gosh how tired do I look??


Some things came to mind:

  • I still stand behind it because it was HOW I FELT… even though it got some people riled up. People love their GPP!
  • I definitely didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I did remove the trainer’s name whom I mentioned in the post. 
  • It taught me a whole lot about blogging…and to be careful about naming names…you never know who might be reading!
  • This makes me nervous to workout at Blend again. I mean my arms were so sore that, as I said in the post, it hurt to put on my shirt or brush my teeth.
  • It frustrates me when I can’t get a point across and I have to re-explain myself in comments. Not that I get mad at readers, but I get frustrated at myself that I’m not a better writer who can make all of her thoughts crystal clear. (Something similar happened in a recent post where readers thought I was trying to say what was right and wrong to blog about when I was really saying bloggers shouldn’t feel pressure to bare all.)
  • I remember very vividly being with Dave in KC (where he was working at the time) and not being able to sleep because I wasn’t used to the comments I was getting. 


Anyhow, I wanted to do a little follow-up to the post to explain things that I might have only talked about in the comments. Working at a gym and studying for the NASM has me thinking about all things fitness lately. Plus Blend is coming up very quickly!!

I also wanted to open it up again to see how the current readers feel about this type of group fitness class. aka intense boot-camps with lots of fitness gurus.

blend retreat shirt


Other notes:

(some of these things I found out/realized after I wrote that post)

  • I was in a room full of fitness gurus doing workouts I hadn’t done in months (both when I was at GPP fitness and at the bootcamp). I had been training for a half-marathon so was more focused on running longer distances.
  • Usually GPP fitness classes are 30 minutes. The boot-camp was an hour…so basically twice as long as their normal workouts.
  • Usually the GPP instructor will tell newbies to do half the reps and half the weight. When I was at the gym I was not told this probably because the instructor thought we were all fitness buffs.
  • I did take things personally like the instructor asking me if I was okay and then walking over to my friends and telling them they were “so strong.” I’m human. My ego gets hurt on occasion.
  • I thought the trainer at the boot-camp was telling me to work harder when she was really helping correct my form. If I hadn’t misinterpreted her intentions, her correcting me probably wound’t have been a big deal.
  • For the boot-camp: I did modify, sit out, enlist a blend to go slower with me AND left the workout early (I specifically remember the last part because I wasn’t in the group photo at the end..sad day).
  • At the GPP gym: I also modified and took breaks. I wasn’t being totally wreck-less or giving in completely to the group pressure.
  • Just because my first experience with GPP was less-than-awesome..doesn’t mean it is a bad company or anyone working for them had bad intentions.
  • The comments on old posts get repeated since I switched from Blogger to WordPress. So if you go back to read the comments…it gets a little confusing.
gpp fitness candace credit

Yep, I’m the one not paying attention and wearing pants.


My main reasons for writing the post:

  • To share my feelings/opinions. What else is a blog for? It made me crabby I was so sore and upset I felt the pressure to kill myself with a workout. It was also hard to do life the next few days since I could hardly move!
  • I totally understand it’s my fault for giving in a little to the pressure around me. I am human. Sometimes I care about what others think. (Although as I mentioned above, I did modify and sit out at times.) I just wanted to address the fact that the pressure in group fitness exists.
  • To suggest modifiers for group fitness workouts. Or at least have instructors say what a modification is for each exercise.
  • To tell everyone that you don’t need to be sore for DAYS in order to get a good workout. In fact, that’s probably not a good sign…at least on a regular basis.
  • To remind everyone that you don’t need to do 1000 burpees, lunges, squats, jumps, etc to be healthy or fit. Fitness and health comes in many different forms.
  • To give virtual hugs and high-fives to the ladies who also felt less-than-adequate at the workouts. I feel you! I went in super proud I had just run my very first 13.1 mile race and left feeling out of shape.


You Should Also Know:

I can’t wait to attend Blend this year! I might sit out a boot-camp (or two) but you can bet I will be there trying my best to make friends (with my limited people skills 😉 ), hike the mountains, do the fun run that is now organized (yay!!), connect with my dear blends, and encourage first time attendees. I really did overall enjoy my time at Blend Retreat…that’s why I’m going again for the third year in a row! 

blend group2 from lindsay list


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Hope to see you there!! 

(PS Click the image on my sidebar to sign up and let the lovely ladies know I referred you. With this awesomely convincing post..ha!)

 use this one amanda



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