What I Ate on NASM CPT Test Day

i passed the NASM


If you can’t read the Instagram text:

Thumbs up! This is what the proctor did to tell me I PASSED! Thank you everyone for the encouraging words and support! Time for some celebratory shopping at Target!! #obviously #winning #NASM

I will get into the details later this week about how I freaking passed the NASM CPT exam, a test I was flipping out about only the day before, but for now…I bet you’ve been wondering what I’ve been eating! Right??

Maybe I can share a bit about what I ate on D-Day aka…

the day I passed my NASM CPT test(!!)

Although I’ve blogged less the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent a bit more time on Instagram…so most of these pictures are from Instagram or my phone. (read: not top notch quality food blogger photos)



Well the morning started with two slices of PB+J toast with a side of pumpkin spice coffee (it’s on clearance at Target right now!), a dash of coconut oil (cuz I bought some last week at Trader Joes…I also found out just how passionate people are about the stuff on Instagram)

trader joes coconut oil

Instagram words:

Bought my very first jar of coconut oil! I’m interested in trying it for oil pulling and for its antibacterial properties for my teeth and skin! Crazy looking at it though…120 cals per TBS..20 more calories than in butter AND more saturated fat. My dietetics teachers told me coconut oil is still an unhealthy fat (to be used sparingly) so it’s hard to think about using it a lot like some people do…what do you think?#conflicted #healthyfats #maybe #coconutoil#nutrition #experiment #trysomethingnew

I am pretty sure I received the most comments I have ever received on an Instagram photo. #crazy


Second breakfast (or elevensies):

I nuked 3 eggs (yes, I microwave my eggs sometimes) with bits of spinach, pepper and sea salt, threw on some cheese, added a side of toast and chowed down. This was all washed down with more coffee + coconut oil + creamer. A kind person told me in yesterday’s comments to eat before the test, so I made sure to do so! :) (I featured that comment since Disqus is awesome and lets you do things like that.)

nuked eggs and toast

The Insta-ramble:

And as my last meal I choose…eggs and toast! Just kidding. I’m not dying. And my last meal would probably be toasted pb+j with diet dew. This is just my last meal before the #NASM personal training test! Feeling much better today but still have pre-test nerves…cross your fingers the information stays in my brain! #secondbreakfast #brainfuel #eggs#elevensies #nervous


[insert test-taking and then walking on cloud-9 shopping at Target montage]


Post-test (and post-Target) snackaroo:

I was pretty hungry when I got home and although Dave and I just talked about going out for dinner…I decided I was too hungry to wait an hour. I noshed some chips, Wholly guacamole and a string cheese. Oh and I washed it down with my favorite diet beverage: diet dew.

wholly guacamole

Insta-quote (from two weeks ago):

These @eatwholly minis have been a staple for me the past few months. I used to buy the bigger pouches buy since I’m the only one that eats it…it would go bad. Plus it’s a perfect serving size. #easypeasy Good thinking, Wholly Guacamole. #guac #healthyfats#getinmybelly #goodidea #thumbhole #love#studyfuel



(yes, it’s okay to have dessert before dinner 😉 ) A nice slice of this Thin Mint Cookie Pie (modified version of Krista’s Thin Mint Cookie Bars from last week). #idie

thin mint cookie pie

Instagram says:

Made a modified version of @tinynfit‘s Thin Mint Cookie Bars (guest post on the blog last week!) over the weekend and I’m having a hard time fighting the temptation to eat the whole thing right now! Someone want to take it off my hands…?#kiddingbutseriously #sogood #sweettooth#getinmybelly #chocolate #thinmints#grahamcrackercrust #needtostudy #instadessert#instafood #igfood


Celebratory dinner:

Dave and I ventured to Alcapulco, a laid-back Mexican restaurant, for the second time since we’ve lived in the twin cities area. I unknowingly (and luckily since I just swiped the insta-picture) got the exact same thing as I did 8 months ago: beer-battered mahi tacos with a weird salad (and a few fork-fulls of Dave’s Mexican rice). The tacos were amazing again (I took one home) I need to make a note to get some other kind of salad…

The company was also pretty nice. 😉

alcapulco in woodbury mn

Can you believe we’ve lived in Minnesota that long?? It boggles my mind. Also it seems like the ground has been covered in snow this whole time, but at some point I do remember getting all schweaty running around the nearby trail…


Second dessert:

May be happening after this post…we will see!


Can I just say THANK YOU again to everyone who wished me good luck and encouraged me along the way?? There were definitely times when I wished I hadn’t told everyone I was studying for the NASM CPT exam because I didn’t want to fail (and disappoint everyone), but that also pushed me to try harder!

thumbs up

You guys seriously rock my socks off!! <3


 use this one amanda



Tell me….

What foods do you consider brain fuel?

Are you obsessed with coconut oil? You may as well tell me allll about it. 😉 


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  1. says

    I love protein shakes as my brain food! When I took my NCLEX nursing exam I drank a protein shake half way through my test and it worked amazing to fuel my brain for the last part of my test!!! Need some serious brain food for a SIX hour test :)

  2. says

    Congratulations!!!! I knew you would pass :) I love coconuto il, infact its the only oil I use to cook and bake with now. I also use it for chapped lips, dry hands and feet, and I put it on my hair at least once a week. Its like a miracle oil!

  3. Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon says

    I finally found the plain Wholly Guacamole packets thanks to your recommendation! I didn’t enjoy the spicy ones but now I love the plain ones! xoxo congrats again on passing your test!

  4. Lisa P. says

    Congratulations! It’s such a good feeling to hear that you passed and have the weight lifted off your shoulders! :) I have to sign up to get my ACE Health Coach certification next and take that test in the fall. At least the package I am purposing gives you a free redo if you fail the first time, but I don’t want to do that!

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