SHN Favorites + Link-Love 1-10-14

Happy Friday to you! This was my first week back to work after my deliciously long holiday break in Nebraska and it was a doozy! Opening the cafe by myself for the first time Monday at the crack of 5:30am (it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re setting your alarm for 4am), temperatures reaching -26 (-49 wind chill!!!), and my new boss decided to change my schedule on me.

This all might not seem so crazy, but I’ve learned that I am not great with change, so I was thrown for quite a loop this week! The evidence is in my disastrous apartment. Don’t worry, I will be doing some cleaning this weekend!

I did manage to be a good blogger friend this week, so I have some posts to share with you! :)

shn favorites and link-love 

shn favorites 1-10-14Yes, yes I did in fact forget what year it was.


Favorite Foodie Finds:

Chewy Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bars by Lee at Fit Foodie Finds

chewy peanut butter banana granola bars diyPinned here onto my Food [Snack Ideas] Board

***PS Lee and I are having Blogger and Bootcamp shindig in a week, so if you are in the twin cities area..shoot me an e-mail or tweet so we can get you the details!! We’d love to meet you!! :) Also I should tell her to bring some of these bars…


Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls by Kristen at Iowa Girl Eats

thai peanut chicken quinoa bowlPinned here on my Food [Dinner Ideas] board

I have been pinning a lot to the dinner ideas board, but I always seem to draw a blank when thinking about what to buy at the grocery store. Remind me to check my pinterest when attempting to meal plan.


Favorite Thoughtful Posts:

Rant on Pinterest’s Health & Fitness Category by Presley at Run Pretty

This topic is precisely why I started my February Love Challenges in the past. And why I’m starting them up again this year (get excited!). This time of the year when everyone is trying to lose weight to look hawt, a whole lot of images of unrealistic bodies show up all over Pinterest. I have another challenge coming up in February, but first check out Presley’s post.


How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic by Christine at Apple of My Eye

increase pinterest trafficPinned here on my Blog [Social Media] [Tips] board


I Have a Dream by Daddy Doin’ Work

daddy doin workPinned here onto my Kids [Cuteness] [Activities] [Advice] board

I love this man’s attitude on fatherhood AND the fact that he doesn’t want praise for it.


An Open Letter to Parents from a Non-Parent by Colleen at The Lunchbox Diaries

 If you couldn’t tell by my pinterest board above (all about kids), I want kids someday. I mean I want them yesterday, but my brain has somehow convinced my maternal inclinations to hold off a bit longer. This post is a great example of how us non-parents-but-wanna-be-parents feel when parents complain about their pregnancies and children. Read this if you want kids or have em!


Favorite Pinterest Finds:

you are the peanut to my butter and other lovey dovey lines #love #romancePinned here and here on my Love board and Holiday [Valentine’s Day] board


she is going places #inspiration #goals #dreambigPinned here to my “Quotes” or Inspiration board

This seriously resonates with me since sometimes I wish I were more successful, but I think this time is about growing myself and that awful dirty word: patience.


plot twist. humorPinned here on my “Quotes” or Inspiration Board + here on my Humor [LOL] board

Find humor in life. :)


light up shoes to run fasterPinned here on my Humor [LOL] board

YES. Who remembers light-up shoes??


Catch Up on Posts/Articles by Yours Truly:

Best of 2013 Link-Up-(open through the end of the month!)

How to Set Goals-(link-up open for your goals through the end of the month!)

Secret Green Smoothie + 5 Minute Workout

secret green smoothie #healthy #berries #antioxidants

My Phone is Dominated by Food Pictures

Exercising to Compensate for Bad Eating

discussion should you exercise to compensate for bad eating

The Top 10 Motivation Poisons on Lifehack


If you were featured, please grab a button to show how cool you are! 😉

Diary of a Semi-Health Nut


use this one amanda 

Tell me…

Have you read any articles that have caught your eye recently? Any recipes you are drooling over?

Would it be a good idea to have a favorites link-up each week? Or is there one I’m not aware of?


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