My Phone is Dominated by Food Pictures (!!)

Over the holiday we got to hang out with Dave’s family at the farm which includes his adorable cousins. Of course I was talked into letting them take copious amounts of pictures with my phone. What can I say? They are stinkin’ cute! They also at one point were looking at Dave’s pictures on his phone because he was talking about his work on the railroad. “There’s a lot of pictures of food on your phone!” they exclaimed. Dave rolled his eyes and looked at me. Because really, it’s my fault.

I take pictures on a daily basis of foods I eat. You never know when you’re going to want to share a story about a food item, right? Dave’s phone is better at pictures than mine, so when I am able to, I steal his phone to take the pictures. Thus all of the foodie pics on the BF’s phone.

BUT then I forget about them. I haven’t done a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) in a good long while and never seem to have time to write out recipes, so they just sit there.

My solution: phone foodie photo dump! You’re welcome. 😉

beverages coffee + smoothie

breakfasts peanut butter apple banana coffee

meals random soup, sloppy joe, enchillada

random eats cereal, fudge, straws, orange tea


I feel like most of this food is self-explanatory…but be sure to leave a comment if you’re curious about one of the pictures! My fingers are flying over the keys trying to get this done before work this morning. It’s so funny that I’m able to get up at 4am on days that I have to, but days where I work later, I sleep till the last possible minute. Does anyone else do this?

And if you’re wondering, yes, I did in fact eat those fancy straws. (kidding)

use this one amanda

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  1. thechimes says

    I love this idea and almost did the same thing this week. I ended up trying to tie things together instead.

    PS I like your idea of “linking up to” at the bottom instead of throwing the graphic in the post. Brilliant. No offense to others, but I think some of the graphics are really obnoxious, and I also know that some of the linkups I get annoyed with reading, so I skip when I see the graphic, but I might miss good posts when I do that. I’m stealing this idea. You’ve really kicked your blog up a notch lately! I wish I had time to do that.

    • says

      Thanks, friend! I think setting those goals really helped me focus on what I want to accomplish. Editing less images in each post also helps get each one out quicker so I can post more! :)

      You are doing other cool things I wish I could do like take classes, craft, sleep in a bed without a snoring person (did I say that??), etc so remember that!! <3

  2. Carley@OptimisticHealth says

    Drink number 2 looks divine! Yes if I absolutely have to I can wake up and even be chipper (like a fews days ago at 3:30am for a flight-eek) but definitely sleeping in is best!

  3. says

    Are those straws from Starbucks? I need to pick them up – I think they’re still on sale!

    It’s cold (probably not colder than anywhere else) and early and your pictures of hot chocolate make me want some…

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