fitbit one Review

I had a great, relaxing weekend with the BF. AKA Dave Cakes. Just what I needed to recharge for the week ahead!

There was hanging out with friends who were in town (and whom we are trying to convince to move to the twin cities..cross your fingers, guys..I might soon have a total of 3 friends here!).

Writing articles.

Pinteresting my heart out.

Writing a recipe.

warm spiced crockpot applesauce with cinnamon #apples #slowcooker

Crock-potting slash making a mess of my kitchen. (Still working on a decent crock pot dinner recipe good enough to share!! I can whip up a batch of cookies that turn out amazing, but meals are a whole different ball game!)

every single time I make food #messy #kitchen #disaster

Watching the Golden Globes (oh my gosh Breaking Bad wins!! I am so obsessed with that show!! Also Jim Parsons from BBT should have won instead of that doof who did. Am I right?)

….and of course there was battling to see who could take the most steps in one day. With our handy dandy fitbits.

fitbit review in palm of hand

My dad bought me a fitbit one for Christmas and I have been slightly obsessed with it ever since. I even convinced Dave to buy one so that we could battle encourage each other. He got the fitbit flex, the newest fitbit on the market. Cuz he likes to one-up me that’s how he rolls.

I really wanted a fitbit to track how much movement I get each day. Especially at work. (Possibly to validate the fact that I don’t feel like working out after an 8 hour shift on my feet.)

The fitbit goal is to take 10,000 steps a day. For me that equates to about 5 miles a day. It is surprisingly hard to hit that mark when I don’t work at the cafe or go for an intentional walk/run. This has really opened my eyes to how inactive I am on days that I don’t work and don’t hit the gym at all. I mean, how much can I really walk around a 1 bedroom apartment??

fitbit review #fitness #healthy frame

A fitbit is a great encouraging tool if being more active is one of your new year’s goals. Here are some bullets to check out!

fitbit one Likes:

  • It’s small and discrete. I’ve not once had someone ask, “what the heck is that??” I have to pull it out and show it off.
  • Stays charged for a lonnng time.
  • Syncs when you are within 20 feet of the “dongle” (<-am I the only one who thinks that’s a funny word??) or blue tooth capable device instead of having to plug it in.
  • Tracks a million things:
  • –Tracks miles walked instead of just steps.
  • –Tracks stairs climbed. (Dave and I may or may not compete on this one too.)
  • –Sleep tracker.
  • You can also log food you eat and workouts you complete for better help at tracking calories. There is a pretty decent list of foods including Chipotle burrito bowl ingredients.
  • You can personalize your name. Mine is “Amanda:)” and it will tell me things like “Let’s get going Amanda:)” #love
  • All of the flipping stats!

fitbit review #fitness #goals #healthy frame


fitbit one Dislikes:

Working on this…maybe it could have gps to make sure the miles are accurate?


Anyhow, I love my new fitbit! It keeps me mindful of my movement and even encourages me to get off my booty (which is useful when one has writing jobs). You should consider getting one and friend me so I can be competitive with someone other than Dave Cakes and Maria. :)

Semi-healthy note: No calorie tracker is 100% accurate. Keep that in mind if you are trying to lose weight by using the calorie counter.

[Update: Disclaimer: Two days after posting this, I got approved to be a fitbit affiliate because I love this device! There are now affiliate links in this post. I was not compensated at all to write this, however. As always, these are my honest opinions. :)]

 use this one amanda



Tell me….

Do you use a device to keep track of your fitness? Which one?


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  1. Elisebet F says

    I really want a FitBit! Right now I just use the Runkeeper app to track my runs, but I’m saving up for a Garmin. I’d love a FitBit, but the Garmin is probably more what I need.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says

    I need to stay far, far away from the Fitbits. I’m a tad bit competitive and by tad bit, I mean crazy competitive. I participated in an 8 week long walking program at work, where we all got pedometers. The first four weeks of the program were fine, and my team was trailing behind the first place team, when we decided to step it up…literally. Those last four weeks, I walked no fewer than 10 miles a day. It often required a lunch time workout coupled with an hour long walk every night. There were days I did laps in the living room while watching television just to get my steps in. The last week, I decide to do 100 miles because I wanted to challenge myself (talk about crazy), but I did it even though it ended up being over 14 miles a day. I basically I walked a marathon every two days. It was great, but it’s probably best if I don’t go back there. Ha!
    I am glad you and Dave are having such a good time with it though. Those things can really be cool. :) I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  3. Alex @ Alex Runs For Food says

    I have a FitBit Force and I love it!!!!! Just sent you a friend request on FitBit! Also I live in lovely Woodbury so we really should get together sometime! I’ll be your 4th friend :) See you at the brunch this saturday!

  4. Fran@BCDC says

    I love the idea of tracking my activity. I have the ActiveLink from Weight Watchers. It helps to keep myself on track with activity. Have a great day!

  5. says

    I’ve been looking at FitBits for a while (I might get the BF one for his birthday) so glad to hear another positive review! I love the shot of your kitchen after cooking… pictures like that are why we don’t allow my mom in the kitchen too often.

  6. says

    I absolutely adore my FitBit One! Got it a few months ago when I started working from home – I only aim for 6000 a day for and some days that’s easy peasy, and some it’s really tough (3923 only today!) It don’t think it’s really that accurate, but it doesn’t matter if all you need is something to kick you up the back side. I’ve spent many an evening pacing the kitchen, just to get the numbers up. My bf things I’m insane, but at least I’m not sitting on the couch!

    • says

      I am with you! I think it’s more about motivation to move than being 100% accurate. Same thing with the calorie counter and food log…just being more mindful of food and activity is helpful!

      Oh and me and the BF have done laps around the kitchen island in our tiny apartment to get the steps up haha! Glad I’m not the only one!!

  7. thechimes says

    Thanks for sharing. This makes me want to get one for mark and one for myself just to compete on things because I bet it will motivate him more! I don’t need to go down the calorie counting path again, but I think I’m ready to try something like this for other purposes and not go crazy with the other stuff.


  8. C S says

    Hi Amanda – Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I have been wanting to get one of these for awhile, but the options are so overwhelming! I am curious if you have any thoughts on the stair tracker. Have you used any elevators since using the One? I live on a high floor of a building, and I am concerned that taking the elevator will confuse the One too much… I would love to hear about your experiences if you have worn it while in an elevator!

    • says

      I actually think it underestimates the stairs a little bit to be honest. I don’t think it can tell where you are height-wise, but more your movement. I think. Also walking in place didn’t count steps, so it’s a pretty smart device!

  9. Kim says

    I just got a FitBit Force and I like it for the pedometer aspect but I’m not sure the sleep is very accurate – still playing around with it. And, I have noticed that I’m not nearly as active during the day (after my workout) as I should be!!

    • says

      I know there is a way to set your sleep to more sensitive (in the settings) but when I did that I got totally discouraged because my sleep efficiency went down to like 50%! It basically just senses the movement and not really whether you are asleep or not, ya know?

  10. pbloverandrunner says

    Such counter is definitely necessary to me! I think that my level of activity awfully low recently – actually I stay at home the whole day, reading the textbooks for preparation for examinations…

  11. Maria says

    It’s hard for me to come up with negatives about my FitBit one, too. I guess if you are prone to being obsessed with numbers (i.e. calorie counting), it wouldn’t be a great tool for you. Sometimes it also pushes me more to do lazy treadmill or elliptical workouts rather than weight lifting circuits, but none of these are faults of the pedometer :)

    Also, my steps are LOW this weekend. Don’t judge!

    • says

      Dave is using the calorie counter to lose weight but really I think it’s just helping him become more aware of the food he is eating. He has a pretty active job, but he eats terrible at work.

      haha my steps for yesterday were like 3000. I think I beat that by 7am today!!

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