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Hello Friends!

Happy Friday weekend! Oops.

(PS have you voted on my new header fonts??  It seems silly but I cannot. make. a. decision!) 

I seriously started writing out slash getting the pictures together for this post on Friday, but it got kind of crazy around here.

I painted my nails for the first time in…a year?  Then tried writing up this post…didn’t work so well!

And not crazy where I couldn’t write a post…more like I was mad that it was raining cats and dogs so Dave had to leave not two hours after arriving home on Friday, worked overnight on the railroad through about 3pm Saturday.  And the entire time neither of us knew how long he would be working so it was just this awful waiting….ugh.  Then he slept most of the day while I played computer games and listened to 30 Rock to get over my grumpiness at not conquering the world Saturday like I had planned.

You see not only do I like Dave and get excited to spend the weekend with him…I also like checking things off my to-do list.  And when half of the to-do list involves Dave and he is unconscious after working his butt off on the railroad…that list is tossed out the window.

Ya know what though?  It’s a new day!  A day full of possibilities and hope!

AND a day to high-light some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks!

Favorite Foodie Finds:
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Can I complain just one more time…our oven is broken AGAIN!  Darned rain shut our power off (for only a couple of minutes) and the oven has another error message on it…can’t wait till it gets fixed to do some BAKING!

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Um yes…I did choose TWO recipes from the lovely Jenn (who I link my WIAW posts up to) that feature BALLS!!  (It’s only inappropriate if your mind is in the gutter…so don’t judge!)

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Favorite Funnies:

Do you watch Community?  You should.  It’s supposed to be about students at a community college, but mainly it’s a bunch of hilarious, unrealistic tangents.  I watched (or listened to) the first three seasons while unpacking boxes.  Dave keeps singing this song and it’s stuck in my head now!

Favorite Fitness/ Body Image Posts:
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I’ve done that workout twice now and I love it!  I might even venture down to the gym for some heavier weights to show off my moves. 😉

I honestly don’t know why I still follow this gal.  Not that she isn’t sweet, smart, or a good writer…but I have a fairly strict policy on not following bloggers who regularly show off their insanely sculpted abs.  Why?  This leads to comparison and I don’t want to fall into that trap.  That is kind of what this post is about so I liked the fact that she called her own blog out on it…but I kind of wonder why she doesn’t just take down the unrealistic images off of her site…

Favorite Thoughtful Posts:

This post made me want to reach through the screen and give her a big hug.  And it got me excited that I met her at Blend AND that she lives here in the big city!!

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I also got to meet this beautiful gal at Blend.  Let me tell you, she is one wise woman when it comes to pursuing dreams.  The bullet I like most is the “boundaries” one.  Most successful people will tell you to just go after your dreams, no matter what the cost.  But that’s simply not realistic…at least if you still want to have a life and friends and have your basic needs (such as sleep and eating) met.

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It looks like this section is a shoutout to my Blends…because I met Heather at Blend Retreat too!  This post was basically something that all bloggers need to think about: why we are blogging.  There is a fine line between the pressure of pleasing your readers and writing what makes you personally happy.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate the line we are walking…especially if blogging becomes a chore.

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The last post leads a little into this one…this lovely lady (who shares my ideas for things semi-healthy) is going through something very devastating in her life.  From what I can gather, they went through a house fire and lost a lot.  BUT this fire revealed to her a whole lot of things about her life…one of which was that she was neglecting her marriage, family and friends in order to pursue her dreams.  It is a heartbreaking, yet beautiful story on how God works through tradgedy.  “Refinement through fire” is a phrase that comes to mind in these types of situations.  Not that the process is fun, but beneficial for growth.

Favorite Faith post:

If you read my past two Thoughtful Thursday posts (here and here), you will know I’ve been struggling a little bit to separate my faith in God and religion.  Finding this post a couple of weeks ago was PROOF of why I know God is up there looking out for me.  I mean sometimes I just can’t say “what a coincidence!”  This was exactly what I needed: the viewpoint on how skewed we have become when it comes to the word “purity.”

This gal has gone through A LOT, being brought up in a VERY strict home where she was mentally tortured and shamed in the name of religion (or the name of God!).  I will be going through and commenting on a whole list of posts I read of hers this coming Thursday.  Check this one out and let me know YOUR thoughts!  (And any other posts of hers you like so I can check them out for this Thursday’s post!)

If you were featured…pretty please grab a button to share the love!

Diary of a Semi-Health Nut
Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

And with that, I am off to hang out with my Dave and try to tackle some of our to-do list.  
Or go for a walk.
Or sit and watch Netflix.
…unless of course he has to go into work again!  *sigh*

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

How often do you make items you pin on Pinterest?  I am one of those that might have made one or two things…but I definitely file things away for inspiration!

Are you a list-maker?

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  1. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl says

    Those oatmeal jam squares look fantastic!! It definitely reminds me of the good ole’ fashion pb & j :).

  2. Becky says

    Thanks for the link love, friend/blend/fellow Minnesotan :) And bummer about your weekend! I hate having unexpected kinks getting thrown into my day – hopefully today is better!

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