{WIAW #23} 5-Miler Fuel

Hello Friends!

How’s your week going so far? 

I am back at the good ol’ hotel slash my second home, keeping the BF company while he works on the railroad in small town Nebraska.

Looking back at what I ate the past couple of days makes me long for home…where I have a full sized fridge, stove top, oven and my handy-dandy toaster oven.  PLUS a place I can run outside!!

I ran 5 miles yesterday, and it is really weird to me that my week day runs are up to 5 miles, when fairly recently, 5 miles was my long-run-weekend distance.  That half-mary is coming up quickly!  Yikes!!

{More info on WIAW -What. I. Ate. Wednesday.}

I started out with my typical breakfast: Peanutbutter toast with Grandma T Jelly and some delightful coffee.

I am wishing for that coffee right this moment as I try to keep my gag reflexes under control drinking the hotel stuff.

I ran at about 11am and it was SO COLD!  Well, colder than it has been.  I really can’t complain because in the end it felt really awesome out.  (Aside from the uber breeze.)

I had to run back inside and exchange my shorts for pants and add a sweatshirt on.  47 degrees feels crazy compared to the 80s-90s weather we’ve had in March!

I think I waited a little long to refuel after my run because I had a headache for most of the afternoon.  Dangit.  I just really needed a shower after those 5 miles!

I blended up a berry healthy fruit smoothie for a post-run drink.

It looks like it was full…but that’s because this is the blender container so it was upside down lol! 

I had a couple of chicken tenders for lunch with some spicy dipping sauce and a side of broccoli with cheese.  Plus some water (that I should have drank more of) and some diet dew.

I had a little dessert as I studied for my nutrition test.  I adore learning about nutrition, however it is very challenging to get all the tiny details right.

Biting into my Grandma K’s cookie was a little more than just having a sweet treat.  It reminded me of simpler times growing up and sneaking these cookies before we had dinner.  Or her delivering valentine’s sugar cookies to our house, where I would immediately claim a handful of them.  I really hope that I can have this effect on my kids and grandkids someday. <3 i headed to take my test and munched on an oatmeal bite and tried to get some more water and diet dew in me on the hour long drive.  I wasn’t sure if the headache was water or caffeine related.

After a depressing test score (86 percent..don’t judge!  I have an A- in the class and I don’t want a B!), and still a bit of a headache, I grabbed an iced latte and munched on a snack bar on my way to the hotel an hour and a half away.  

Lots of driving yesterday!

I got to the hotel and at about 7pm the BF got back from work and we decided to walk to the Jimmy John’s a couple of blocks away.

Have I mentioned I don’t particularly like this small town?  Well, first of all, there are a hardly any sidewalks!  Super weird if you ask me.

Secondly, we were walking and a semi flies by and we get sprayed with something.  The semi was one that carries animals (if you’ve never seen them, they are silver and have holes everywhere for the animals to breathe.  I am pretty sure the stuff we were sprayed with was from the animals inside!!


Needless to say, we turned around and got cleaned up before deciding we would have Jimmy Johns come to us.

I had a Turkey Tom on Wheat with lettuce and a little light mayo with a couple of the Jimmy peppers (yum!) for dinner.

We also had a lovely dessert of easter cake pops!

Doesn’t it look like the pink one is eating the white one?

Have a lovely day all!  I am off to re-read the Hunger Games book do homework.

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Is the weather been weird in your area?

Do you live in a small town or a city?  Which would you prefer?

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