Thankful Thursday

Hello Friends!

I’ve had another challenging day. 

I have been dealing with a case of the grumpy-everything-is-stupid-and-why-am-I-always-tired syndrome lately.  I mean I didn’t even do my WIAW post this week due to my stress causing shooting pains in my stomach last night and I am super bummed!

Let me tell you, SIX hours of Chemistry class/lab today did not help that in the slightest.  Nor did the fact that my last Chemistry teacher did not prepare us for the current class…my friend and I are two and a half chapters behind the rest of the class.  Awesome.

To re-take the last class with a better teacher or to work my booty off and maybe pass this course? 

This is what I have to think about this weekend.  

Or do I?

My friend Nicole is in the same situation I am in with Chemistry (we had the same teacher), yet her outlook on the situation is so much more positive.  Granted she might know a bit more about science than I do, hell the fact that she enjoys science at all puts her ahead of me. 

However, I can’t help but notice how starkly contrasted our attitudes are.  All I did was complain today, but she HAS to get through this class.  She WILL get through this class.  She is DETERMINED to get through this and come out on top.  And she absolutely will get an amazing grade because she works SO HARD.  

I want to be like this.  I want to be positive and happy where I’m at.  She has inspired me to look on the bright side of things.


I am thankful for my life and this is why I am going to get through this quarter/semester (I am currently attending a community college and a university where I drive one hour each way to class):

  • I am allowed to go to school.  What a blessing it is to be in this country where even if we can’t pay for school, we can get grants or take out loans!  I need to remember that it is a privilege to attend college.
  • I don’t pay rent.  (Thanks Daddio!)
  • I don’t have kids and therefore have more time to study.  (And I get to play with other people’s kids for money!)
  • I am an excellent planner/scheduler.
  • I am training for a half-marathon so I can run out/work-out my frustration when need be.
  • I have amazing support in my BF who won’t let me quit things that I have started.

Things I can fix:

  • Stop watching tv (even if it’s “on in the background”) if I have homework or studying to be done.  If I do watch, I will have a certain time limit.
  • I need to carry out my planning/scheduling.  Planning studying/homework time will help immensely.
  • Cut back on this blog.  Maybe.  Sorta.  It’s so hard to get away from it, but in this area I do need to carefully manage how much time I blog and blog-surf and “socialize” via twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Keep the house clean.  I notice that my stress triples when I can’t find something or when I notice dirty dishes in the sink.  I also feel bad for leaving a messy house for the Daddio who is uber-tidy.
  • Start the day on a positive note with reading the bible…even if only for 5 minutes.
  • I need to drink more water and less caffeine.  That will be a tricky one, but I know I will feel so much better!
  • Workout five times a week if only for 20 minutes in my basement.  This will help my energy levels, plus endorphins will make me feel better!
Let’s utilize the treadclimber!

I am confident that if I change my attitude, and modify my habits, I can succeed in this class. 

I have a lot going for me and I need to remember that. 

I think we all do, don’t we?

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

What are some of your current struggles?

Do you need an attitude adjustment?


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