{Review} Luna Bar: Nutz Over Chocolate

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If you have never read a health blog, this post may be interesting.  If you have read health blogs and wondered what all the fuss about Luna bars is, this post may be even more interesting.  And if you meet either of these qualifications and are a female…even better!

I tried these lovely bars by accident.

I have been hanging out in small town Nebraska with the BF who is here for work.  I have some extra time on my hands this week, since I decided to nix the Chemistry classStaying at a hotel for a few days isn’t the greatest way to improve your health in the food department.  

The BF’s company won’t spring for anything as nice as a Holiday Inn, and the only other hotel in the town they will pay for is one that we’ve discovered doesn’t change the sheets between guests.  Ew.

I will credit the place for having a mini-fridge and microwave, but really, I could do without the construction hammers and paint fumes.  I actually opened my windows so I could breathe today, and in response a lawn mower roared by my window, spewing loads of allergens my way. *sigh*

It hasn’t been all bad, though.  I brought carrots, apples and string cheese to munch.  Food Network to watch.  A gym all to myself.

Once I figured out that there was actually a Wal-Mart here (after my garmin informed me of two false locations…need to get that thing updated), I was able to do a bit of shopping.

What I was looking for was really the third book of the Hunger Games series.  I finally jumped on the crazed bandwagon and now realize why the books are SO addicting!  (This may or may not be the reason that my extra time hasn’t been spent blogging the past couple of weeks…)

Once I found the coveted book, I loaded up on some new bath items, since I will be staying here longer than anticipated.  I also grabbed some forgotten bobby pins and some colorful headbands because they make working out fun. 😉

Of course I picked up another item I hadn’t planned on.  It’s Walmart afterall, and how can you not grab at least one thing that jumps out at you on the mile hike back to the checkout lines?

A blue and orange box pops out at me.  Luna Nutz Over Chocolate.  I have some time to kill, so I pick it up and immediately flip it over to the nutrition label.  It’s a good habit I’ve gotten into.  My mouth nearly drops.  And in a good way.

These lovely bars are PACKED with nutrients.  Not only that, the first few items in the ingredients list meet my approval.  The front of the box tells me it’s a nutrition bar for women with calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, and iron AND its 70 percent organic.
The box immediately drops in my basket.  I need some vitamins, after all, with my diet consisting of many restaurant or fast food.

With a smile on my face I check out my items and make a quick stop at the Subway store, I rush home to devour my book (and lunch).

A couple of hours after lunch, I decide I will use the Luna Bar as a pre-workout bar for my 4.5 mile run that afternoon.  It has sodium and potassium which is needed for pre or post workout since we sweat out those nutrients.

I was so surprised at how delicious it tasted, I immediately tweeted  that I couldn’t believe how tasty AND healthy it was.  I was pleased to be tweeted back that Luna is glad they “can pair delicious with nutritious!”  and I love the company even more for responding.

It was an excellent pre-workout bar…I ran 5 miles and felt great!

I even had it for breakfast this morning when I realized I had slept in and missed the free one downstairs.  Dangit!  I guess I needed the sleep, though.  The BF got called in to work at 3am and I was pretty much worried sick at how little rest he has gotten over the past couple of weeks and wondering if he could make the drive.

I had some stolen stashed peanutbutter packs, cheerios and a coffee maker in the room to satisfy my hungry belly.  Plus, of course, the tasty Luna bar!

Luna Nutz Over Chocolate
Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 180
Total Fat: 6g
Sat Fat: 2.5g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 190mg
Potassium: 150mg
Total Carb: 25g
Dietary Fiber: 4g
Insoluble Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 10g
Protein: 9g

The ONLY thing I don’t like about this bar currently is the amount of sugar.  And seriously, I am willing to overlook that for all of the other amazing nutrition facts as well as the crazy list of vitamins and minerals below.  If I’m not mistaken, all of the essential vitamins are there.

I can’t get over how wonderful this bar is!

Vitamin/Mineral Awesomeness:
Vitamin A: 20%
Vitamin C: 20%
Calcium: 35%
Iron: 30%
Vitamin D: 15%
Vitamin E: 30%
Vitamin K: 10%
Thiamin: 10%
Riboflavin: 40%
Niacin: 40%
Vitamin B6: 80%
Folate: 100%
Vitamin B12: 80%
Biotin: 25%
Pantothenic Acid: 40%
Phosphorus: 20%
Iodine: 35%
Magnesium: 10%
Zinc: 35%
Selenium: 35%
Copper: 10%
Manganese: 25%
Chromium: 25%
Molybdenum: 25%

I would only suggest you only have one a day, although you will be tempted to devour the entire box.  There is a possibility of toxicity of vitamins if you consume the entire box.  Just saying. 😉

I am off to do some elliptical training!  I actually have a guest post coming up on the importance of cross training while training for a race, so get excited to read it!   

{Also remember you can e-mail me at semihealthnut AT yahoo if you have an idea for a running post for my Running for Dummies series.}

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Have you tried Luna Bars?  What’s your favorite flavor?

How do you keep fit and healthy when staying at a hotel?

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