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Hello Friends!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I hung out with the BF and his dad at their family farm this weekend.  It was a much needed escape from everyday life and stress.

The farm is in the middle of Nebraska somewhere.  (I’m not the one driving…I don’t pay attention.)

The house isn’t lived in except for when BF’s dad goes out there a couple times a month…so the food is quite lacking.

Bedroom upstairs…yep that’s the nightstand 😉

I am pretty sure the only thing that existed in the house was stale chips and beer.

And the idea of a meal with the BF and his dad is ordering pizza.  ((Thank goodness I asked for veggies on the pizza!!))

I am quite glad I needed to pick up some allergy medicine so I could get some sustenance as well!
(Raise your hand if your seasonal allergies have come back full swing!!)

I got some fruit, since I know it is lacking at the farm (even when we had lunch at the grandparents’ house on Sunday).

The extend of fruit was homemade grandma jelly and craisin cookies (SO GOOD!!)

I also got some whole wheat bread and peanutbutter for breakfast as well as bedtime tea fixins.  (Fixins: farmer’s term: things that make up a meal)  I brought granola of my own as well.

I took a little tour on the boys’ new toy, called a Gator, on Saturday.

BF with his happy-cause-I’m-drivin-a-Gator face

Not sure if this is a brand or a type of vehicle, but basically it is an excuse to drive around the farm like crazy.

I had to get back to the farmhouse to study for my nutrition quiz (due that night) since my life has been taken over by Chemistry lately. 

I thought it was funny I was eating a banana and there was one in the book.

We are studying vitamins in nutrition which is at the same time fascinating, tedious (we have to know every single detail!!), and terrifying that I don’t get enough of all of these vitamins and will develop some sort of deficiency and they will have to photograph me and put me in a nutrition book as a warning to others.

I did my homework with the hundreds of ladybugs roaming the interior of the farmhouse while looking out over the cornfields.

You see, the farm house is really old and wasn’t in use for decades until a few years back, BF’s dad decided to gut it and fix it up.  It is still a work in progress and one of the things in the works is sealing up the house so bugs won’t get in.

Therefore the faint buzzing and tapping of the bugs hitting the windows (over and over) was the background music to my studies all afternoon.  I finally finished my studying and my quizes (we get 3 attempts…don’t judge..they are tough quizes!!) at 11:57 which is fitting as the quiz is due at midnight.

Sunday I took a long and slow ride (my request…slow down!!) with the BF and we got to explore parts of the farm I didn’t know existed.

They have a lot of land that isn’t useful for farming, but it’s fun for taking pictures!

We saw a huge “burn pile” basically where farmers take dead wood and other trash items that they plan to just burn.  I am pretty sure some of them sit around for years.

BF’s family actually rent out part of the land to a nearby cattle farmer for grazing.

God is THE best artist

Farm life is so interesting to me since I grew up (and still live) in a city.  I do live in Nebraska…but news flash: not all of Nebraskans are farmers.  Did I just blow your mind?

BF (aka Farmer Dave)

The first time I’ve ever been to a farm, aside from a trip to an apple orchard or to pick a Christmas tree was to the BF’s farm.

It is so refreshing and peaceful.  Even though my allergies were killing me by the time we left, I still made it a point to take in the beautiful views as we traveled home.  

Grabbed these as my snack on the way home with a banana.  Our dinner was fast food…all we can do is try to be semi-healthy right?

I need to remember that feeling of peace these next couple of months with school and training for my half-marathon

I have a feeling one of the farm pictures from this post will be going on my laptop background.  *sigh*

Maybe I should just convince the BF to be a farmer and I will be a farmer’s wife and work at the hospital as a dietician.  And blog about being a farmer’s wife.  Sounds good eh?

We will see what God has in store for us…but I may or may not be praying for the farm life the next couple of weeks!

Back to the real world!  ((Which means Chemistry..ekkk!))  Have a good Monday, friends!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

Did you grow up in a city or out in the country?


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