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Hello Friends!

Who else can’t believe that it’s Thursday?? 

This week has been a blur…not necessarily because it’s been so busy, but just a little tiring on my brain.

Monday was a day filled with stress as I was determined to kick my Chemistry II. class’s butt and learn the 3 chapters that my former Chemistry teacher had not taught us.  (Post from the first week of class.)


That’s right, my friend and I entered the class this quarter almost 3 chapters behind the rest of the class due to the fact that our last teacher would not move on unless the entire class understood the material.  This tactic was helpful in the short-term, but really ended up hurting us in the long run.

My friend and I tried hard to catch up, really we did. 

Staying after class, getting help in the homework center, thinking about Chemistry non-stop for two weeks.  My friend had been an immense help motivating me and we kept reassuring each other we would get through this as I went home and cried due to the stress of it all and the feeling that I was completely lost. 

I am not used to being the one in the class that doesn’t get it.  I’m generally a decent student.  I didn’t want Chemistry to beat me.

I even had someone cover my shift on Monday night so I could fully prepare myself for class Tuesday.  Sitting down to study, I realized I wouldn’t get through it all.  I also had to write a lab report that I didn’t fully understand.  Ugh.

Then I get a text message and my heart sinks further.  My friend, who is much smarter at science, and who has been pulling me through these past couple of weeks, tells me she thinks she’s going to fail the class.

She is dropping it.

I am just about to go for a run and have just finished a 20 minute, intense strength training workout in my living room.  I just stare at the screen. 

I begin to tell her that now there’s no way I will make it without her, but why make her feel guilty?   It’s not her fault I was only hanging on by a thread…and that thread was attached to her. I set down my phone.

I jetted outside without really thinking about how it was drizzling and windy out, how I was in a shorts and tank top because it was warm and muggy inside. 

I just needed to run.  To get out.  My world seemed to be crumbling down.  It seems dramatic, looking back, but that seems to be the way my brain works when things go wrong.

I am actually glad it was rainy and yuck out.  My Chemistry problems faded and now I was feeling a chill through my bones and the rain was fogging up my glasses.  I doubled back and grabbed a jacket and ran another mile in the drizzle.

The shower that followed my short, quick run, washed off not only the cool rain and sweat, but also the worries of the day.  I realized how unbelievably stressed I’d been about this stupid class. 

And it wasn’t even my fault!  How could I help the fact that my Chemistry teacher put us at an extreme disadvantage.  At least we had tried, right?  I made my decision.

I got online, made a few clicks, and it was finished.  I dropped the class.

I felt a slight weight lifted off my shoulders, although it has taken the rest of the week to convince myself I hadn’t actually failed.  I was in a bad situation and although I tried, it simply would have made the next couple of months hell for me and those around me if I had stuck it out.

It’s kind of a bummer, but I am going to have to retake my last Chemistry I. class to get caught up, as well as the Chemistry II class.

The good news is that the class had the option of being split up into two quarters or one accelerated one.  I had to take the two quarters before, but now I will be able to take the accelerated class.  And then I will just take the rest of my classes at the university.   

See ya later community college! 

So although I am very dissapointed, I am trying to look at the bright side of things.  More time to spend working on my blog, more time to run hang out with the BF when he travels, AND much needed Spring cleaning.   

Also more time to finish The Hunger Games Book One in two days!!  Yes, just two days.

Source…you want to check this site out!!

BUT, you can bet your booty I will be discussing this issue with the dean.  Wasting students’ time and leaving them ill-prepared is NOT COOL!

Well, it’s time to get outta here…the hotel I’m in is under construction and I am currently worried they may hammer straight through my wall!  It’s okay, I gotta get home to do some grocery shopping anyhow.  (Seriously, must go grocery shopping!)

Have a lovely Thursday all!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Are you a student?  Have you ever dropped a class?

How has running or working out helped your stress recently?

*~Still looking for a couple more running guest posters!  E-mail me if you’re interested: semihealthnut AT yahoo!~*


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