Keep Moving

Hello Friends!

Running is not always easy or fun for me.

Take today. 

It was abnormally warm today and I have been used to bundling up like crazy to run.  I wore a sweatshirt that I had to awkwardly take off (after taking off my garmin watch and glasses and almost dropping my ipod five times) and tie around my waist.  Needless to say, running with a sweatshirt flapping around your waist is not the most comfortable way to run.

And the wind!  Oh the wind!  I am absolutely positive it was out to get me today.  Taunting me and angling in such a way that it blew right up my left nostril causing an uncomfortablely dry nose and headache. 

I was smart enough to wear a headband that covered my ears, however the wind still snuck right in and pounded on my eardrums.

I will blame the wind, but for some reason I also felt sick to my stomach twice on the run…like looking for a place to lose my breakfast…bleh!
And did I mention how I am small so it basically took all of my strength to not get blown over at certain points?

How the heck did I even get past one mile of that nonesense?  It sure wasn’t me.  I had a terrible attitude, however each time I was ready to throw in the towel and walk home, a new and encouraging song popped into my aching ears.

My workout tunes are 90 percent positive, upbeat Christian tunes.  It helps to remind me that I am not alone running, God is there with me the entire time.  I like songs that make me smile and help me realign my focus in life (from myself to my creator).

Song after song came on that pushed me to my goal.  And then I had a revelation that I need to stop complaining about things and be grateful that I even have the ability to run!  Seriously, I have a strong body and I know that I am physically capable of completing each run, however, my brain tends to get in the way.

How awesome it was to just be thankful for my ability to run and workout.

I am so thankful that I have these legs God gave me.

I really hope I can remember this on my next run!  I hope you can remember that too! :-)

Just smile and run!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

**Are you an experienced runner?  

I am looking for some guest posters for April/May full of specific advice, how-to’s and tips for newbie runners like me!!  Please e-mail me your proposed idea to semihealthnut AT yahoo DOT com.

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