Happy Birthday Sister + Granola Teaser

Hello Friends!

How has your weekend been going? 

I am at the BF’s farm typing this post as we speak, looking out over cornfields.  Weird right?

I wanted to take a little time, while the boys are out playing on their new toy, to say  
Happy B-day 
to my lovely sister Courtney on the blog.  
Sister Courtney, Sister Rachel

Get ready for bunches of family photos!!

Her birthday was Thursday and we did the traditional family get-together. 

BF in plaid, Daddio to his right..Grandma Kathy and John in the corner

Godfather’s pizza!

I’ve started a trend of salad bar first.

Something I got overly excited about was their new pop machine.  Over 100 different flavors!!

I tried diet vanilla and diet raspberry coke.  It was gross haha so I just got dr. pepper.  But the idea is fun, right?

My sister turned 22 and I simply can’t believe it! 

It seems like I was just coaching her to keep drinking her water in between drinks on her 21st!!

Brother Josh and Mama Sue

 It was so nice to see everyone…we are all so busy these days!

Me trying to be as tall as younger brother Josh…I think he’s at least a foot taller

BF was nice enough to take a million pictures of our goofy antics.  (I actually think he likes my new fancy camera as much as I do.)

Dave (BF) and I

 I am so proud of my sister!  She has been working hard at getting healthy and she looks amazing.

Grandma Kathy (mom’s mom) on the right

I decided to give Courtney some granola bars I made this past week as well as the recipe for her birthday.  

I wrote on the recipe card that although they aren’t uber healthy, at least when you make your own granola bars…you know what goes in them!! 

((Also, part of the present to her was that I haven’t even shared the recipe on the blog yet…check back this week!))

Time to pack up and get back to the city!  Have a wonderful evening friends!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Do you have family birthday traditions?

What did you do this weekend?


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