{Friday Five Foodie Finds #17}

 Hello Friends!

How’s your day going?  Mine feels busy, but it’s all relative right?  TGIF!

I had to get up early this morning to go babysit a cat before I headed out to school.  Yes, babysit a cat.  😉  My friend is out enjoying some sweet oceanic views so I get to pretend to be a pet owner for a few days.

Marley-cat and I watched some Full House and then it was off to class.

The hour drive was a very sleepy one.  I had to be there early enough to *doh* pay for a parking ticket and buy some parking passes.  I only have class there on Fridays for now so {thankfully} I don’t have to pay for a whole semester.  I felt pretty silly forgetting the fact that at a university, you pay for parking.  Darn you community college for spoiling me!!

My nutrition prep class went well, I didn’t feel like I wanted to cry after leaving.  One Friday I learned that I will probably have to leave the state for a year for my internship.  I’ve lived in Nebraska my whole life and would hate to leave the BF and my fam!

Today we just learned all about taking the Registered Dietician exam as well as certification and maintenance.  200 smackeroos to take the test so I better study up!!

Then it was off to run some errands and have a late lunch of leftover chili + easy mac.  (I’m super excited to share the chili recipe with all you soon!)

And now it’s time to blog!

Friday Five Foodie Finds is somewhat of a shout-out to the lovely recipe writers I follow.

There are so many out there but I decide to pick my five favorites that I would like to try to make myself each week.

Krissy is one creative gal.  I adore her photography.  Just look at the colors and the dainty pink ribbon against the turquoise placemat with the little peanutbutter chips on the side…. *sigh*  That photo is pretty enough to eat!

Also, there is a banana slice in each cookie.  Yea, I agree, I need to get on making these!

I really really want to make my own granola.  This recipe looks complex, but I just might be able to handle it!

Like Tracey says, “Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast?”  These do look decadent enough to eat as dessert!

I might be in a pancake phase because I just posted a delightfully healthy oatcake recipe the other day.

Spicy soup sounds delightful right now!  Cassie also has other buffalo recipes if that is your thing (and it is mine, so I definitely drooled over the list myself!)

Adapted from Simply Recipes

Hello there lovelies!  I know I adore cookies (see above) and banana bread…but what’s this browned butter all about?  I will just have to find out right!?

If you were featured above, please grab a button for your blog!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for a yummy crockpot chili recipe comin’ your way!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Talk to me:
How was your Friday?

Have you lived in the same state your whole life like me or moved around?

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**All photos were taken by the recipe creators and you can find their recipes by clicking the link on the recipe name!!


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