{Love Yourself February} You are Beautiful

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve chosen to take the 21 Day Challenge.

It’s pretty informal, 21 Days of Loving Yourself, and you can decide what that looks like to you.  Feel free to use the image below (with link love!) and blog about your experiences.

{If you do and have an inspiring story about what it did, I would love to share it on my blog!  (You can start at any date!)}

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I’ve had a song that has stood out to me and been on my heart the past couple of runs, not surprising as it is on my “Work It Out” playlist on the Ipod.

I hear it and I can’t help but smile like a goofball because of how awesome it is to know that I was “made to fill a purpose” and “there could never be a more beautiful” me. :-)  I really hope people driving by thought, “what the heck is that crazy lady smiling about?”

I highly recommend it for working out and for the purpose of reaffirming that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

(Ignore the parts when Jonny Diaz looks into the camera…because it is slightly creepy.. but the song is wonderful!)

(Here’s the acoustic version.  Because I like acoustic.)

There could never be a more beautiful you
Don’t buy the lies, disguises, and the hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you
(Lyrics here)

Do you believe these words?  Do you believe that you are beautiful?

Well if you don’t…you are wrong.  Listen to the words of the song again and believe them!

Everyone has “faults” or parts of their body or even personality that they dislike or find “flawed.”  Seriously, even the “skinny” chicks.  I’ve always been a petite gal, but one thing that has bugged me for years is my skin.  I was never a bronzed goddess like my good friend and the flawless, make-up less skin has been a dream of mine!

I still get breakouts, even at the ripe age of 24.  I am still pale and freckled.  But I am trying to learn to love my skin anyways.  My freckles make me unique.  Having less-than-perfect skin makes me able to relate to those who are in the same boat.

I even have a freckle on the palm of my hand.  Now THAT is unique. 😉

I also choose to look at the parts of my body that I love.  My eyes are possibly my favorite part of my body.  I have fun playing them up with different shadows and eyeliner.  I also like my smile and try to wear it as often as possible (thank you mom and dad for the braces!).  I even like my hair now that I’ve learned what the heck to do with curly-wavy-craziness.

Look in the mirror and see yourself in a new light.

Loving yourself the way you are does not mean that you will stop eating well and exercising.  It will actually help to tell yourself that you are worth the time and effort to live a healthy life.

Choose to be the best YOU not the best SOMEONE ELSE!

**Homework assignment: 21 Days of Ignoring your “flaws” in the mirror and focusing on FIVE things you love about your body and personality.  Tell yourself “I am BEAUTIFUL.”  And mean it.

Much love friends! 

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Now list them out for practice right here!  What are 5 things you like about your body/person?  It’s okay to brag..just this once. 😉

As always feel free to contact me about ANYTHING!  semihealthnut AT yahoo DOT com

For more of a challenge, check out the naked face project hosted by Healthy Tipping Point and Wandering Through Nothingness.  The latter did a wonderful post (we were sort of post twins today): You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are


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