Friday Five Foodie Finds #13

 Happy Friday Friends!

How is your week going?  Mine has been pretty busy school-wise.  Chemistry test yesterday and nutrition test today (my first one!).  I’m actually listening to the lecture again as I type..I know, talent right?

I have to get to class out of town pretty soon here so I’m just stopping by quickly to give you my weekly foodie finds this week.  Being a blogger, one of the things I do regularly is check out other blogs and I usually find amazing looking recipes that I must try.  This is a way for me to remember, “I must make this,” show my readers my favorite finds, as well as give props to the talented foodies out there.

Here you are:
Friday Five Foodie Finds by Semi-Health Nut

I worked at Chili’s for three years and I enjoyed many a chicken enchilada soup before/after work.  I hope this is just as good if not better!

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and these will be perfect for the holiday!  Jenn made the top 9 recently on Food Buzz so this girl is a talented photographer and recipe maker.  I like the idea of a cake cookie because it’s super quick and easy…and who doesn’t love that?
I already have these delightful cookies on my “Lovey-Dovey Day” pinboard on pinterest.

Can you tell I was craving soup this week?  This soup is surprisingly healthy, as many of Gina’s recipes tend to be.

Another healthy find this week was Katie’s granola bars.  Apparently these taste just like Nature Valley’s granola bars so I’m excited to try them.  The BF has asked me to help him out and try to make some healthier treats for him (poor guy is trying to lose weight and I love to bake) so this will be an option for him.

Oh my yumminess!  I may have saved the best for last. :-)  These I actually found via pinterest and pinned to my “Lovey Dovey Day” pinboard.  There are actually maraschino cherries in this excited to make them.

I have to admit..the poor BF is just gonna have to put up with my sweet baking treats in February. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I will be going to the BF’s farm for a little relaxing and photography.  I’m going to bring my laptop as well because the farm now has the interwebs and I want to share with you the “special brownies” I made Tuesday.  (Do you follow me on Facebook?  I have been talking about the brownies there.)

Talk to you all soon!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

What are your weekend plans?

What have you been craving lately?

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