{Friday Five Foodie Finds} #12

Happy Friday Friends!

It’s actually Thursday as I type this..details, right? 

I am trying to get ahead of the game because, guess what?  Tomorrow is my first day of school!

Yes, I realize that I’ve gone through elementary school, the awfully awkward junior high days, highschool and even community college, but tomorrow is my first day at a university.

And very much like the first day of junior high, I am nervous, unprepared and have two new (giant) friends on my chin.  Great.  At least I get to drive myself (an hour) to school and not get dropped off by my mom.  (Actually that wouldn’t be too bad because then I could finish reading Julie and Julia on the way!)

Getting my fun post done tonight will make one less thing to worry about tomorrow!  Let’s begin shall we?

Friday Five Foodie Finds is pretty self-explanitory.  I adore reading the posts of my fellow food-bloggers and often I think to myself, “I must make this.”  I narrow it down to five for the sake of my sanity…because really can I make more than five new recipes a week?

Here are my finds for the week (in no particular order):

Lauren recommends that I make this for the one I love so that he will marry me.  Hmmm…

(who adapted this from Food Network)
I’ve told the BF about these brownies and said that I was going to make them…only I didn’t tell him what was in them and that he would never guess what the odd ingredient was.  Let’s see if he reads this! 😉

I’ve seen a variation of this picture floating all around pinterest and it’s no surprise…they look and sound delectable.  They look like that perfect degree of chewy cookiness.  Yum.

 Such a cute idea!  I really want to make monkey bread sometime.   Maybe this weekend?

Last but certainly not least…here’s Jenn’s fabulous recipe involving quinoa and veggies (of course).  I’ve tasted quinoa but never made it.  This is for sure on my to-do list..maybe add some eggs or tofu??

If you were featured, feel free to add my blog button! :-)

Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

I’m adding all of these to my pinterest!  Check it out!

Oh yea and for more first day of school un-awesomeness..I tried painting my nails a dark blue color, decided against it because my nails are pretty long and it looked scary, but it took a million years to get off and I still have slightly blue fingers.  Gah. 

Well I’m off to get to bed early-ish!  Wish me luck on my first day of school tomorrow!  Scratch that.
Pray for me on my first day of school!!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Do you remember your first day of school?

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  1. Tt in nyc says

    You need quinoa in your life! It is sooo much more satisfying and nutritious than many other grain options and it cooks very quickly- def try the fried quinoa with some edamame or tofu, then go to hungryhungryhippie.com and make one of her quinoa granola recipes- theyre addictive!

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