{WIAW #9} Weekend Eats

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

How is your week going so far?  Mine is flying by!  But then again, doesn’t it always??

Really I am writing this on Tuesday to try to get ahead of the game since I have bible study tonight, then ladies night after and working at the coffee job in the am.  Woohoo for planning eh?

Wednesdays mean WIAW {What. I. Ate. Wednesday.} as of the last couple of months.

Never heard of WIAW? 
I got the idea from Jenn at Peas and Crayons and link up to her posts each week.


What I do
I (try to) take photographs of each item of food I eat and each item I drink for an entire day (doesn’t have to be Wednesday, Wednesday is just the day we share).  Then I try to evaluate how well I ate or what could use some improvements. 

Why would you care what I ate?
I’m not vain enough to think that everyone will care, however this can give you some ideas for food for yourself as well as a way to space meals out.  There is a thought process out there that those who are “skinny” eat very little food or restrict calories or fat or sweets.  I would like for people to see that this does not have to be the case!
Basically, I am at a healthy weight and this is how I eat!

Let us begin!  What I ate Friday, December 9, 2011:

Breakfast {9am}: Toasted Kashi 7 Grain waffle with crunchy Jif peanutbutter and some mini chocolate chips and of course my vitamins, water and diet dew

Messy, but delish!

I get to sleep in on Fridays (heck yes!) because I generally do not work until 11am at my wings and beer job.  Therefore my breakfast is usually pretty late and then I eat a snack on the way to the job. 

Snackaroo {11am}: Nutrigrain bar

Source and Nutrition Info

Lunch {2:30pm}:  Wrap from the wing and beer joint: tortilla, grilled chicken, pico, lettuce, side of parmesan garlic sauce plus some potato wedges.  I love potato wedges.  These are a once-in-awhile treat as they are not very nutritionally sound.  But I enjoyed every wedge immensely. (This may be why they aren’t pictured?  Because I devoured them?)  I also drank a bottle of water at work and had a kids cup of diet coke mixed with cherry coke.  I would def call that a semi-healthy move. 😉

Afternoon Snack {6pm}: Triscuits, string cheese, individual peanutbutter and diet dew

I was super hungry at this point and was planning on making dinner…but I still hadn’t gone to the store.  Can we say procrastination?  The BF ended up getting a fresh pizza from a local grocery store (made on the spot and delicious) and also got some peppers to add to the top.  (I am pretty sure that is going to be my dinner tonight as well.  *Drooling.*)

Dinner {8pm}: 2 slices of deliciosity that is known as hamburger pizza with peppers.  I think I had a little ranch with this as well.  Any one else a fan of ranch and pizza?  Sounds like a “diet breaker” but everything in moderation.  I only dipped the crust in the ranch so the amount I had was small and worth it. 😉
I drank some sparkling cranberry juice and water with this meal.

Dessert: 2 Salted Candy Bar Cookies

Semi-Healthy Note on desserts: As I’ve said before, I try to eat my dessert with my meals because of the way our metabolism works.  If we eat sugar with protein, then we don’t get the sugar high with the sugar crash.  And when we have our sugar crash, we crave more carbs so it becomes a never ending cycle.  Don’t get into that cycle friends!

Fuel evaluation:
Pat on the back for:

  • Water intake
  • Attempt to get veggies in at lunch and dinner
  • Protein intake
  • Dairy consumption (sometimes hard due to weird tummy issues)

Could improve on:

  • Fruit intake
  • Preparing better for dinner (go to the grocery store before I am starving!!)

Overall it was a good day.
I did not get a work out in, however I was pretty active at work so I will count that. 😉

I am off to get some of that pizza and probably a cake pop.  (Did you check out that post?  I am super proud of how lovely and tasty they turned out!)

Cake pops!

Have a great mid-week day friends!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

What foods to you “treat” yourself to only once-in-awhile?

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