{WIAW #11} What a Semi-Health Nut Eats the day after Christmas

Hello Everyone!  Happy WIAW!

Thinking about the heaps of fresh turkey and smoky pulled pork and creamy mashed potatoes makes me long for the Christmas (and Christmas Eve) food from this past weekend.  Some leftovers remain, however as we all know, it is just not the same as sitting down to eat with your family listening to non-dinner-table-appropriate conversations.  (The conversation at Grandma K’s house was largely about chaotic hospital experiences and all of the things I wish I never knew about hospital practices.)

Well here we are on Wednesday, already half-way through this lazy week in which most people chose to take their precious vacation time.  I have one glorious week free of classes and I have been eating it up..sleeping in until 9:30am, blog surfing, playing with my bestest Christmas gift ever (a fancy schmancy camera).

Today is a day I like to devote some time to a fun segment of the week called W.I.A.W. or What. I. Ate. Wednesday.

Never heard of WIAW? 
I got the idea from Jenn at Peas and Crayons and link up to her posts each week.  This uber-creative gal also inspired me to be more fun with my photos on my blog, thus the photo collage. 


What I do
I (try to) take photographs of each item of food I eat and each item I drink for an entire day (doesn’t have to be Wednesday, Wednesday is just the day we share).  (Taking photos of all of the food I consume is no easy task…I applaud those who do this on a regular basis.)  Then I try to evaluate how well I ate or what areas could use some improvements. 

Why would you care what I ate?
I’m not vain enough to think that everyone will care, however this can give you some ideas for food for yourself as well as a way to space meals out.  There is a thought process out there that those who are “skinny” eat very little food or restrict calories or fat or sweets.  I would like for people to see that this does not have to be the case!  I believe a large part of the reason I am the small size that I am is that I allow myself indulgences AND I make sure to listen to my body when I am hungry.  Skipping meals is not for me.  (For more on my eating philosophy, see About Me – Semi-Healthy Life.)
Basically, I am at a healthy weight and this is how I eat!
WIAW Monday, December 26th, 2011

Breakfast {9-11am}:  You got that right, I worked on this breakfast of whole wheat toast with creamy peanutbutter topped with crunchy bear naked granola and peppermint coffee for two hours while I was sucked into Mindy Kaling’s book.  (Book review to come!) With 1 bottle of water.

Lunch {1:30}: I like to take leftovers and make them into a whole new creation.  It keeps things interesting and this creation was more about wanting to bring back a classic comfort food: chili mac.  I grew up on Hamburger Helper so this was a common occurrence on the dinner table.  Here I simply made some easy mac (I’m obsessed), heated according to the instructions and then added leftover chili and heated it up further.  The meal took about 5 minutes to make and it warmed my soul for the afternoon.

Dessert:  I like to indulge my sweet tooth immediately following a meal.  When your belly is full of protein, it prevents the inevitable sugar spike and crash.  I enjoyed some of Grandma K’s goodies taking me back to a time where I did not need to bother with protein/sugar ratios and munched on these sweets while opening presents on her living room floor. *sigh*

Toffee, snowball, chocolate covered peanuts

Forced Early Dinner {4:00 pm}:  When I work at my wing-n-beer joint at 5pm I am forced to have food before heading to work.  If I don’t, I become a crabby, hungry waitress who devours whatever food is in front of her at the end of a shift.  Forced dinner: chicken patty topped with cottage cheese, sprinkled with mexican cheese, side of carrot chips and a refreshing can of carbonated cranberry juice. 

Dessert: Tis the season for dessert right?  I savored a couple of chocolates as I put my make up on and then drove to work. 

It was so warm and stuffy at work and the thoughtful BF was coming in to see me so I drowsily requested coffee via text.  I broke my own rule of not consuming caffeine without food with a sugar free lite carmel frappucchino.  For some reason I was so warm and exhausted that I was not hungry at all.  I downed half of this drink at work and sleepily drove home.  At least I was chugging water all night at work so the coffee dehydration was avoided. 😉

Late Night Snackaroo {11:30pm..or later}: Multigrain cheerios, scoop of peanutbutter with a few mint chocolate chips and string cheese.  Of course there was some bedtime tea and I enjoyed some honey that the BF bought me on one of his trips. 

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week!  
I will be having a link-up soon for New Years Resolutions because who doesn’t like the thought of a fresh new year for self-improvements?

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

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