Salted Candy Bar Cookies

Oh yes you heard me right!  Salted Candy bar cookies!

I just can’t get enough of these!  If you know me, you know I adore cookies.  {I have honestly thought of having a cookie blog…but seriously who has time for two blogs??} 

They are my weakness because I can never have just one, but they are my strength because I make them so often…I’ve gotten kind of good at it.  And I love adding lots of weird ingredients to cookies (I call em hodgepodge cookies).

I had some candy bars in the fridge from Halloween because the BF’s roomie handed out full sized candy bars on halloween and somehow I ended up with a few. 

I ended up eating a couple of the candy bars in one sitting (okay two separate days, two separate bars, but still).  I wanted to get rid of them so I wouldn’t eat another one in a single sitting and make some cookies so voila.  I really am not sure if the cookies are healthier than just eating a candy bar…but for some reason, cookies are more satisfying to me. 

The logic that goes on in my head does not always make sense when typed out.  Nevertheless, a yummy cookie came from it.

Salted Candy Bar Cookies

Since you can make this with any chocolate chip cookie recipe, I am leaving it to you to use your favorite recipe.  Since everyone has one. 😉


  • Your fav choc chip cookies recipe
  • Sub whole wheat flour for the flour
  • Sub candy bars for the choc chips
    • 1 Milky Way Bar
    • 1 Snickers Bar
    • 1 Dark Chocolate Hershey Bar
    • Be creative!
  • Sea Salt
  • Modern Family playing in the background.  This is essential. 😉


How To:

  1. Cream together wet ingredients.  (Sugar and butter/shortening first, then eggs, then vanilla, etc)
  2. Add sifted dry ingredients.
  3. Add chopped candy bars.
  4. Salt the cookie dough balls as you put them on the baking pan.
  5. Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask the semi-health nut! :-)

I love my cookies with chunks of things in them.  {Food things}

I made some salted and some non-salted, but I have to say that I am liking the trend of the salty-sweet desserts.  I had a cupcake the other day that had a salted-carmel frosting on a chocolate cake.  Divine.

I got to sample this lovely cupcake at an event for my coffee catering job.  Yet another perk of the coffee trade.  {Coffee + cupcakes = yum}

More creativity
I wrote about this on my WIAW post; I was wanting some MORE cookies the night I made these and decided I should try to make it into a healthy-ish, semi-healthy, if you will, snackaroo.  So I added a banana.

I even decided to skewer them!  Salted Candy Bar and Banana Skewers.  Yum.

2 Weeks Till Christmas!  Are you ready??

I have recently discovered that I am not very good at gift-giving.  And I think, sadly, it’s because I am a little selfish. :-/

My sister, C, is good at this.  Thinking about others wants and needs.  Thinking about “what would she/he want?”  I think part of this is in paying attention to people and the details of their lives.  I envy her skill at this and am trying very hard to pay more attention to others’ interests.

Mama Sue, C, Me

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow.  It snuck up on me!!  I made some cakepops with a friend today {more on that later} and am planning on bringing some to our family pizza get-together, but a present for Mama Sue?  Nope.  No idea what to get.  I feel like a terrible daughter! :-(

I suppose it is time for me to contemplate this.  And talk to C. 

Have a lovely weekend all!  Blessings upon blessings to you!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Do you like the salty-sweet trend for goodies?  Or how about the salted carmel latte?

Are you good at shopping for people?  Any tricks?

**~I am thinking of having a holiday food recipe link-up this coming week…would you like to participate??~**


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