Merry Baking {Christmas} Eve 2011! (Part 1)

Hello Friends!

Hope your holiday is starting out wonderfully…and that you are not as last minute as me in your food preparations!

Every year I set out to make a zillion different treats for Christmas.  The BF told me I should just start bringing side dishes so there weren’t so many tempting sweets at holiday gatherings…but I just can’t help it!
I love to bake!  Just check out my holiday round up/link-up!

I’ve even often thought about turning this blog into a strictly sweets blog, or starting another one based on my love for baking and sweet things.  But who has time for a second blog?  And how would it look for me to have a sugar-filled blog when I am a personal trainer or dietician? 😉  (Not that it isn’t semi-sugar-filled now!)

I baked some cut-out cookies Wednesday (tryin to get a head start!) and then brought them over to the BF’s Fam Christmas to frost em.  I am sure glad I did that because frosting with three or four people is much quicker than with one.  I mean really, it takes long enough to do all the cut-outs right?

At least I took the easy route by going Betty Crocker style. 😉


The BF’s cookies :-)

BF’s sister and her BF

Seriously check out all the cookies we decorated!!

In addition to decorating some lovely cookies (can anyone pick out the “Christmas dragon” cookie?), we also had a nice Christmas dinner and lots of presents to unwrap!  The BF’s fam spoils me. :-)  

 The BF’s sis and I got some amazingly soft and warm blanket-coat things. :-)

Well I am off to make some peanutbutter oreo balls to bring to a work party!  Then I might try to squeeze a workout in on the treadclimber today, then church at 5pm and then off to the Daddio’s fam Christmas.

Merry Christmas {Eve}!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

What are your holiday plans?

Are you an over-baker like me?

Don’t forget to link-up to my holiday link-up party!! Link closes in 2 days!

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