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Like Chicken Parmesan…but not

Good Evening Friends!

You like the title right?  

I could not for the life of me figure out a name for this little meal I’ve created…but it reminded me of Chicken Parmesan, so there you have it.

I have had this dish twice this week and loved it both times.  Super quick and simple to make!

It resulted from the fact that I didn’t have much foodwise in the house…not even sandwich thins to make the chicken patty into a sandwich or even broccoli (I always have broccoli in the freezer!).

I was very pleased with how these different items melded together into a mouth-watering, semi-healthy and satisfying meal.  I also love any excuse to eat my easy mac that I always seem to keep stocked. ;-)

Chicken Parmesan but not

Pile these ingredients in this order:

  • Easy mac prepared according to instructions
  • Chicken patty or chicken tenders prepared
  • Spinnach leaves torn
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yummy spices (I used Mrs Dash)

Can I say that I got some great pics for a point-and-shoot camera?  Maybe I should reconsider my Christmas wish list?

I’ve asked santa for a fancy shmancy camera this year… aka a DSLR so we will see if I get one in the stocking! :-)

Remember my Christmas Post?

Well, I need to save my arm strength for doing my Friday Favorites post. 

You may think that there is no arm strength involved in doing a blog post but that is where you are wrong.  If you have ever participated in a body pump class or any heavy lifting involving arms…you will for sure notice the pain in lifting your hands above your waist for periods of time. ;-)


Thanks to Body Pump for my super sore muscles!  It is so worth it though!!
Talk to you tomorrow friends!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Tell me about your unique food combos!

Do you ever procrastinate grocery shopping?

Christmas Countdown: 10 days!  You ready??

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