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{Friday Five Foodie Finds} #9 Sweets, Left-overs trick and Veggies

Happy Friday friends!

I would like to quickly share with you some delightful foodie finds I’ve found the past couple of weeks.

Quick because I have limited time before I run off to work and I can’t stop watching the Food Network…so this blog post it taking an extra long amount of time.  Currently watching a Baked Alaska Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  This is the first time I’ve ever even seen the show!  Does anyone else get into the Food Network?

It’s hard to only pick 5 (especially over the course of two weeks!), but alas I’ve narrowed it down!

The Novice Chef Blog’s Fruity Pebble Macarons

This is hands down my favorite find of the..month?  I just can’t get enough of Jessica’s photography and how adorable are these?  Jessica wrote in the blog post that macarons are…well…not very easy to make so I will only be trying these out when I have a full helping of patience and time.  For now, I will “ooh” and “ahh” at the photos. :-)

Krissy’s Creations’ Vanilla Bean Buttermilk Cupcakes

 Krissy takes some delightful pictures as well!  I had a hard time choosing one!  When I hear the name “vanilla bean” I think of two things: Vanilla Bean Icecream (which I can no longer have due to my silly tummy) and Vanilla Bean Frapuccino.  I do believe this flavor would be wonderful when translated to cupcakes.

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with Almond Buttercream Frosting

How delightful is the idea of putting a cookie inside of a cupcake?  Very delightful!
I found this recipe when I was looking through Courtney’s holiday recipes.  The frosting doesn’t have to be green, by the way…it’s green here for a sports party of some kind.  Can you tell how much I’m into sports?? ;-)

Peas and Crayon’s Cauliflower Brussel Sprout Gratin

We must add some vegetables to the mix, right?  These look like a perfect side-dish at a holiday gathering.  (My mouth is watering right now!)  It is very possible that I will be bringing this to my family Christmas dinner!  Thanks Jenn with two “N”s! ;-)

 Iowa Girl Eats’ Mashed Potato Pizza

Kristin had this lovely idea to take some of her holiday leftovers and turn it into a pizza!  Well, I do love pizza and who doesn’t want a new take on leftovers?  I actually do have some still from Thanksgiving (is that bad?).

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Off to work for me!  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.  I will be heading to the farm again for the BF’s grandpa’s 90th birthday AND a Christmas gift-exchange (must by a present!!).

~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

Do you follow a blog mostly for the lovely photographs?

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