Cake Pops {How to keep them on the stick}

Hello Friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was spent relaxing, making cake pops and hangin with family.  Who could ask for anything more??

I am giving thumbs up because I finally got them to stay on the stick!!!

Saturday my friend Malalalalory came over to teach me how to make cake pops.  I realize that cake pops are not new…by any means, but I have never attempted them.  For some reason I had in my mind that cake+frosting+almond bark = too sweet.  This is not true!

Malalalory: my teacher in cake pops making

After many failed attempts at keeping the cake pops on the stick (mine kept falling off!!), I think I discovered the way to keep them on.

The one that died

How to make Cake Pops…and Keep them on the Stick!!


  • Baked and cooled cakes (we had three and they made 50? 60? a lot)
  • Frosting (we used less than 2 store bought containers)
  • Powdered sugar (helps to hold it together)
  • Almond bark or candy melts
  • Sticks (found at a craft store)
  • Decor for the cake pops (ex. sprinkles)
  • Something to keep the cake pops upright in (we used coffee cups but I’m sure there are other ways) 

P.S.  The BF made 3 cakes for me while I was at work because I spaced the fact that I needed to make them until late at night the night before.  He is kinda sweet sometimes. :-)

    How To:

    1. Begin to crumble one of the cakes into a bowl.
    2. Add frosting and powdered sugar.  This was all very estimated as Mallory wasn’t sure of the exact measurements.  If you have ever made cookies…try to get them to about the consistency of cookie dough.
    3. You might be able to mix with a spoon…but when I handed mallory a spoon to mix, she looked at me and said, “You’re gonna have to get in there.”  As in with my hands.  So mix up with your hands for best results. 😉
    4. Roll into balls and set on a cookie sheet.  You are not baking them so there is no need to space them out…although I started to stagger them instinctively due to my many years of cookie making.
    5. Put the sticks into the rolled cake balls.
    6. Stick in the freezer for an hour.  In my opinion…this is the key to keeping them from falling off the stick.  If they are frozen, they stay on, however your decorating needs to be quicker the colder they are.
    7. Melt the candy melts or almond bark at 30 second intervals, stirring.  Make sure to read the package as well but the 30 second intervals seem to be best.
    8. Dip frozen cake pops in melted bark or melts and quickly coat and sprinkle.

    Beware…it can get quite messy…or maybe that was just us…

    We eventually figured it was smart to have something to catch the extra sprinkles. :-)

    Sunday we got together for Mama Sue‘s bday.
    Remember when I said that I’m terrible at gift-giving?  Possibly due to the fact that I don’t pay enough attention to what people like…and possibly, thanks to a reader’s comment pointing this out, that gift-giving is probably not one of my top love languages.

    I did manage to get my mom a pretty necklace with the letter “S” on it.  I almost grabbed the one next to it that had “M” on it, but then I realized, her name is Sue, not Mom.  😉

    I also got her a fun mom calendar.  She loves those kinds of things.  (This is one thing I noticed.)  I was going to give it to her for Christmas, but I couldn’t figure out what else to get her for her bday besides the little necklace.

    I also got her two cards.  One sentimental and one funny.  The funny one had a picture of a dog flying through the air and the inside said something like, “Party like the gate was left open.”  I thought it was funny.

    I also brought cake pops to the celebration…so really I’m not sure why I needed to get presents at all. 😉

    Happy Birthday Mama Sue!

    The cake pops were a hit for sure!

    So much love…or forced hugging?


    Good weekend all around and I still had leftover cakepops and cake balls to bring to work Monday…which got devoured in about 5 seconds.  And even a few sitting in my freezer that we didn’t get a chance to decorate.  A few less treats to make for Christmas!!  (P.S.  Did you check out my tree?)

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

    *~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

    Have you ever made cake pops?  How was your experience?

    What does your family do to celebrate birthdays?  We go to the same pizza place everytime and I make some sort of dessert. :-)

    Check out my holiday link-up!!  Link your fav recipes/decor ideas and find others to try yourself!  :-)  (closes Dec 27th)

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