Hey Good Lookin..Whatcha Been Cookin? {Leftovers 102}

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
I spent most of mine stressing about a surprise Midterm paper for my art class.  Got that done though!  AND my Midterm is completed!  But guess what??  The teacher made a booboo and it turns out there wasn’t supposed to even be a midterm paper…so now my midterm paper I turned in is my final paper…load of stress off now!  AND she even gave me hints on how I could improve my paper and get a higher grade.  SWEET!  I will take it!

I was thinking to myself this weekend…hmm I haven’t posted any healthy recipes lately and I realized why…I haven’t made ANYTHING!  Okay I make myself toast in the morning and maybe some oatmeal for a bedtime snackaroo..but really I haven’t made anything over the last week!

Other possible titles for this post: {The Lazy Cook} {The Overly-Busy College Foodie} {I Cook}

I decided that I am still going to share you some of my favorite foods I ate (that other people made for me).
First up: Village Inn Pumpkin Pancakes
…oh em gee…so light and fluffy and not overly pumpkin-y.

Ordered this with a side of eggs, turkey sausage and applesauce.  Also with the sugary-goodness on the side because otherwise I would have been on a sugar high.  I had half of this delightful meal while dining with my Grandma R.  Sweet lady!  I love hearing her tell stories of my dad and his siblings when they were younger.  Good food and good company.  :-)

I had the other half of this meal at my casa where I decided to melt a little peanutbutter with the super-sweet stuff on the side and make a peanutbutter delight sauce (The technical term.).  It turned out tasting a little like the peanutbutter in a Reese’s (love those).  YUM.   

I had peanutbutter pancakes AND a pumpkin pie latte that I made at my coffee job.  It’s definitely Fall!

Oh and P.S. it was Pie Wednesday!  That means FREE PIE with every meal!  I got the berry pie…not sure if there were really berries in it but it was delightful!  I still have half in my fridge now that I might have to eat tomorrow with lunch.

Then we have: Chili’s Explosion Salad
This always makes about 3 meals…2 leftover ones.  I heat up the chicken in the microwave and good to go!

I adore the corn relish on the salad.  My favorite part!

Next up: Bdubs!
Buffalitos with sauce on the side and *new* a side of mandarine oranges!  Go BWW for adding fruit (even if it is in syrup) and carrots to the menu!!

Had the second one later with a side of carrot chips.  I am obsessed with carrot chips!

Boneless wings salad

So you like your wings huh? 
The delish boneless kind smothered in wing sauce?  Me too!  But there’s no reason why we can’t have em on top of a salad eh?  I had half (4) of my boneless wings {honeybbq} on a BWW side salad.  BWW also has updated their salads to include only Romaine and Spring Salad mix.  Seriously love it when restaurants healthify. 
The other half of my wings {4 parmesan garlic} on a bed of romaine lettuce with some sweet baby tomatoes and a little mexican cheese.  Perfection!  My mouth is actually watering looking at these pictures.

Hopefully I can actually make myself some food this week..but who knows with the life of a busy college student right?

Speaking of college…check out the sweet statue I focused my Art paper on.

(This photo isn’t that great, but you get the idea.)
This sculpture is called Pietà which means “pity” and was created by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1499.  He sculpted this scene of Mary holding her son Jesus after he had just died on the cross.  Although it is a tragic scene, Michelangelo depicted it almost as being peaceful.  What is really interesting about this is how young Mary looks.  She should have been…at least 50?  If Jesus was 33 when he died…hmmm…but I think it is fascinating any how.  I will never cease to be amazed at what humans can create.  I can’t wait to see this in person some day!  It is in the Vatican City in St. Peter’s Basillica.  I am so going.

Well better get goin to bed!  Chemistry test tomorrow!  {urgh}
But then I get my toes done with my friend Shlee!!  Hooray!  :-)  Haven’t gotten them done since her wedding! (Don’t mind the fact that her wedding was in June…busy college student remember??)

Have a great evening!

~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~

Do you modify your leftovers from restaurants?
What restaurant do you think serves up the best breakfast food?

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