Friday Five Foodie Finds #6 {Happy Halloween}

Happy Friday everyone!  
And Happy soon-to-be Halloween!

I set out on a dangerous adventure of planning a Halloween party and the big day is tomorrow.  This will be my first one and let me tell you…more things to do than I thought!

It’s interesting when planning a Halloween party for adults.  Many of the Halloween decorations I was finding were clearly for kids (yep I still bought em) and google-ing Halloween games brought up kiddo games (didn’t find any fun ones for adults).  For now our activities consist of beer pong (really?) and a costume contest which should be fun.  I’m excited to see everyone and their costumes.  I will be posting pics for ya!

Seeing how it’s Friday and all…and I’ve been browsing the web more than usual to get food ideas for my party…I thought I’d share some of the yummy recipes I came across this week!

1. Peas and Thank You’s Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

First up we have a decadent looking pumpkin pie smoothie.  Foodies everywhere are putting pumpkin in everything because tis the season (and it is packed with fiber and low in calories).  This particular recipe involves making pumpkin icecubes…I’m in!

2. I Talk to Food’s Everything You’d Want in Your Mouth at Once Cookie

This reminds me of my hodge-podge have a base cookie and then you just add yummy things such as choc chips, nuts, etc.  I liked this idea because she puts pretzels in the cookie which is pretty creative!

3. Fit Foodie Find’s Quinoccoli-Yogurt Salad

Creative name yes?  Can you tell what it stands for?

4. Iowa Girl Eat’s Breakfast Tacos

Gotta love food photography.  The vibrant, crisp colors make me want to grab right into the picture and take a bite (nevermind that it’s already got a bite out of it..).  I have done a breakfast taco before, but never with a hard shell taco and never with avocado so I will have to try this.

5. Healthy in Candy Land’s African Peanut Soup

This is from a new blog I’ve been following and I love her creativity.  One of her posts showed all her Halloween decor and I wanted to take all of it and bring it to my party.  This recipe caught my attention too as it is soup with peanutbutter…I love me some peanutbutter!
Well I am off to make some ghost cookies from my Fall Food Finds Board on pinterest.
Then off to share this link on Finding Joy in my Kitchen’s linky.
Have a fantabulous weekend. :-)
~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~
Do you have pinterest?  What’s your favorite thing to look up?  I like all things wedding and of course food..

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