Friday Five Foodie Finds #5 {Always with the Sweet Tooth}

Happy Friday everyone! 
I hope you’ve had a great week and have some relaxing and/or hanging out time with family and friends!

I am actually writing this on Thursday due to the fact that I am workin at the crack of dawn till the crack of…later in the day.  Workin my coffee catering job in the morning and possibly grabbing a quick lunch then to my wings-n-beer-joint job.  It will be a full day but full of moolah…which I can’t say I mind being a poor college student and all. 😉

I will be sharing this post on Finding Joy in My Kitchen‘s regular Friday link (if she gets it up before I leave for work haha).  Check out her blog!  She is doing a series on {31 Days of Cooking From Scratch} that I seriously want to bookmark every single page so far!  She has a gift of being organized, thrifty and smart in the kitchen. 

I can’t believe this is the fifth week I’ve joined in the blogging community’s Friday Finds…but here we are!  I always seem to find a bunch of desserts then remind myself that I should probably put a real meal in there…somewhere…plus the fact that I am only sharing 5 finds a week.  Enjoy my finds!  :-)

 I love these because basically…you combine all the stuff you want in a granola bar and make it yourself!

This one caught my eye when I was looking for treats for my upcoming Halloween party.  Speaking of which…anyone know any Halloween party games…that are for people over the age of twelve..? 

Um perfect!  I happen to have some candied walnuts already (she shows how to make them) from the farmer’s market.  Can’t believe the farmer’s market is over already!! :-(

Well I have been a little wary of the new trend of salt or pepper with desserts…but I just may have to try these yummy treats!

Have you read my friend Tina’s blog?  You must read it!  I call her my friend, however I have never met her.  We haven’t even had much interaction…but if I knew her in person I just know we’d be best friends.  Such a sweet positive Christian gal with a love for good food and a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Friday! :-)

~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~


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