Friday Five Foodie Finds #4 {What a Workout!}

Hey it’s Friday again!
That came waaaay too quickly!  But it’s okay because the BF gets home from Cali tonight!  He’s been gone all week and I’m excited to see him. :-)

So if you follow me on Twitter you may know that I did a fitness class last night that kicked my butt.  Like seriously I was having a hard time walking to my car and then I could barely lift my arms to work on my homework!  You know it’s a good workout when it hurts even hours after AND the next morning.

My friend loves to do these classes and I wanted to get back into working out (after being sick for two weeks) and decided I could try out Les Mils Body Pump.  I was planning on being in the back where I could rest if I needed to or modify the moves if they were too hard.  Well, I got there right as the class was starting…so me and my friend had to go up front.  Awesome.  Nothin like sticking your butt out doing squats while you know there are 40 people behind you!  The class was all about weight training (which I haven’t done in…weeeks!) so that in itself was a challenge.  Then you add in the fact that the instructor was preggers and makes you feel like a weakling if you don’t do the moves…so I gave it my all and now I am sore.  😉

I am hoping I won’t be too sore tomorrow because there is a yoga class I want to try out!

Now for the real reason you came…Friday Five Foodie Finds!  I have joined the network of foodies who pick out their favorite recipes and share them on Fridays.  I found some good ones this week so enjoy!

1. Apple Cinnamon Chewy Granola Bites by Lee at Fit Foodie Finds

Love love love this picture!  When did I become so obsessed with pictures of food??
I would love to make my own granola so I will def be trying this recipe out soon!
2. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies by American Cupcake in London

I can almost taste the chewy goodness of cheesecake and red velvet.  This would be a good Valentine’s dessert yes?

3. Fish Tacos by the Splattered Apron

This is another thing I’ve always wanted to make…fish tacos!  There’s also a recipe for salsa on here I would love to try!
4. Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti by How Sweet Eats

What a brilliant idea!  I love spaghetti and I love enchiladas even more!  Her post was pretty funny too. 😉
5. Pumpkin Peanutbutter Dip by Clean Eating Chelsey

Seriously why do I not think of these things??  Pumpkin and peanutbutter and apples??  YUM CITY!  The post that went along with this recipe was cute too. :-)

Well it is time to get some breakfast and work on a little homework before work at the wings-and-beer-joint.  Wish me luck at work today…hopefully I don’t drop anything because my muscles are so sore!! 

Body Pump Class…the squats killed!

Have you ever tried combining your favorite foods into one dish?  How did it turn out??

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~

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