It’s *JUNE* already! Plus *shout out* to my Daddio :-)

Happy June folks,

Okay I realize I have already posted in June, but I was just thinking about that today.  For some reason…it takes my mind a while to adjust to new months and even new years if you look at my checkbook ledger (seriously last month I was writing 2010 A LOT).

I went to the doctor’s yesterday and WOOHOO he said probably only one more week of physical therapy and then I can work again without help!!  This is good because I have issues with people helping me…it’s gotten better, but goodness I was having a tough time for awhile.  I think seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is giving me even more motivation to keep doing my work outs and go for back-helping walks.  I hurt my back on April 18th and that is a loooong time to not be functioning regularly!

(More info on my achin’ back: Amish cookies/back issues)

I went for a 2.5 mile walk today and I got a bit-o-sun!  High of 86 and a little cloudy seemed fine for no sunblock…but my tan lines beg to differ.

I usually take my ipod, my key, and my garmin watch on my walks/runs. 

Which way do you wear your Ipod?  My BF says this is upside down…but to me looking at it, it seems perfect.

What do you take with you on outdoor walks?

Lately I have been going without the music and it’s not so bad. My mom said that when she used to run 5 miles a day that it was good thinking time and it really is.  I notice the scenery more, people say “hello” to me more without ear buds in, and I get to think about life. 
Today I thought about how greatful I am to have been able to live with my Daddio the past year.  Since I hurt the back, I haven’t been working NEARLY as much and I was thinking..holy moly…what would I have done if I had to pay rent and utilities??  He is also super cool and lets me be pretty independent and pretends not to notice the messes I leave around the house.  He also has never once asked me to mow the lawn…whew!  He even let me have one of his taco’s today…how the heck did he know that I had barely any food in the house and therefore no idea what to make after my walk?  Plus he is super encouraging and wrote me the nicest note about how he loves my little bloggity (my wording…).  Shoutout to my Daddio!!
Anyways…a taco from *gasp* Taco Bell is not the healthiest snack…

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but I can give you some post-walk snack ideas later cause I got places to go and people to see!  Slash I gotta clean my room and figure out how to transfer colleges. 😉  Summer classes for my current community college start Monday and someone is not prepared….

Have a fantastic and safe weekend everyone!  I will be at *the farm* with the BF and his fam for his grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary shindig!  :-)
What are you up to this weekend?
Do you prefer going for a walk or going for a run?


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