Snickerdoodle Cashew Nut Butter

Oh am I excited to share this recipe with you! I’ve tried this delightful homemade nut butter recipe out a couple of times and each time I basically ate the whole jar in a day. What can I say? The nutty roasted, salted cashews swirled together with cinnamon and vanilla turn me into a nut butter monster.

snickerdoodle cashew nut butter via @semihealthnut at

I told myself I had to sample for the blog…but I will admit that I just wanted an excuse to eat it by the spoonful.

snickerdoodle cashew nut butter via @semihealthnut at

You can smother this delicious homemade nut butter on toast, a banana, or spoon it into some oatmeal (or your mouth..). You might want to make a double batch if there is more than one person in your household who eats nut butter. Dave is still a little wary of anything other than Jif. Which is just fine by me.

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Foodie Finds in Des Moines

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A small group of bloggers decided that since the Healthy Living Summit got cancelled, we should still get together. It’s weird to think about if you don’t have internet friends (or + friend = blend), but these gals are some of my closest friends. We met due to common interests and our personalities seem to meld really well. Plus we all love food and fitness. Thus the zillion food/drink stops AND a little dose of active fun.

GF Pumpkin Spice Browned Butter Protein Bites

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These pumpkin spice browned butter protein bites are everything fall and healthy wrapped into one little package. They are absolutely decadent with the browned butter and brown sugar plus they will fill your kitchen with the spiced smells of Thanksgiving. The added vegan protein powder (Skoop of course!), granola and banana give it a healthy boost in addition to the many health benefits of the star ingredient: pumpkin.

Turkey Enchiladas with Fire Roasted Tomatoes


Turkey Enchiladas with Fire Roasted Tomatoes. I mean the flavor was rich with the tomatoes and a little spicy with the enchilada sauce, but not so spicy that you feel like a fire-breathing dragon. The texture was exactly as I imagine the perfect enchilada—soft enough to cut with a fork, but not soggy. This is the perfect simple, hot and tasty meal for these on coming chilly fall days. Plus if it’s just two of you, you might be able to extend this into another couple of meals. Might being the key word. They are pretty fantastic.

[ Did You Know #8 ] Nutrition, Health + Fitness Link-Up

did you know nutrition link up 500 wide

This link-up is for any nutrition, health or fitness post that teaches something.

It can be tips and tricks, it can be something new you learned, it can even be your current half-marathon training plan.

If you are a healthy living or fitness blogger, you probably already have a dozen posts you could link-up—please do so! I look forward to these posts each month because I always learn so much from you guys.

Staying Active In the Last Days Of Summer

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We aren’t talking pumpkin spice quite yet, but trust me..these last couple of weeks here in Minnesota have been a bit brisk so far. At least for summer.

Before we know it the leaves will start turning shades of bright red, gold and fire orange…but for now, it’s still summer! We still want to remain active no matter the season. Whether you are headed back to school now or are just in an end-of-the-summer funk, rest assured there is still plenty of time to get active outdoors!

25 (Semi) Healthy Dessert Recipes

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It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth. That’s why it’s pretty essential that I make most of my desserts semi- healthy desserts. Otherwise I would probably just turn into one big bowl of sugar.

I’m pretty sure that’s what 75% of the recipes on this blog are…semi- healthy dessert recipes! That’s why I got super excited when one of this month’s Foodie Collection themes was “Healthy Twist on Classic Desserts.”

These recipes could be used for some last minute Labor Day ideas or even as some goodies to bring to your next tailgating party. Trust me, no one will turn away a peach cobbler..especially topped with icecream!

Skoop Giveaway + Frozen Strawberry Protein Frappuccino

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I am a tad obsessed with this new protein Frappuccino I’ve been whipping up with Skoop protein powder as of late. And a tad obsessed with the Skoop protein itself and all of its marvelous ingredients.

CrossFit Has Now Been Mentioned on This Blog


One of my best blends Katie shares her story on why she is traveling around America raising money for CrossFit for Hope!

Double Chocolate Frozen Banana Soft Serve

double chocolate frozen banana soft serve with @fairlife by @semihealthnut at

Super easy, healthy and decadent frozen banana dessert. You won’t even believe how amazing this tastes.

Help Me Brainstorm

do more of what makes you happy

Help me figure some things out. Or at least let me brainstorm a little.

Mud Running and Delicious restaurants in Chicago

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I had a blast visiting friends and eating at a variety of delicious restaurants in Chicago. Check em out!

Decadent S’Mores Recipes

S'mores 3 ways via @semihealthnut at

I do love me some s’mores! Usually s’mores are put together with a roasted mallow (over a campfire of course) and chocolate sandwiched between two grahams. (Sandlot, anyone?)

The three s’mores recipes to come all have a slight twist on the classic recipe. Don’t miss out. Makes these ASAP!

CamelBak Relay Pitcher Giveaway

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CamelBak recently came out with its very own filtration system called the CamelBak Relay. I am in love with it.
It’s easy to use, it filters as fast as the water comes out of the faucet (seriously!!), it saves me money AND it comes in 3 colors.

Weekend Treats, Trying New Things + Blog Traffic

golfing in minnesota

Blog traffic tends to decline in the summer months because we are all out having fun! I myself had a blast treating myself this weekend!