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Magic Bullet Giveaway Courtesy of Fairlife Milk

Well I think I’ve teased you about this giveaway enough…on Instagram

magic bullet giveaway

…Monday’s birthday thoughts post…last Tuesday’s Target workout clothing post

Enough is enough, right?

Well, I was recently contacted by a company called Fairlife whose motto is “believe in better.” They told me they had this amazing milk for me to sample.

fairlife milk giveaway #believeinbetter

I replied back (without reading the e-mail very closely) that I am lactose-intolerant but appreciated the offer.

Well…it turns out this milk, real milk from cows, contains no lactose. Even I, the gal who gets gassy just smelling lactose, could successfully drink a full glass of real milk made by Fairlife.

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Birthday Thoughts

Oh hey there. Haven’t talked to you blog friends since…last Tuesday

I’m back and with some deep birthday thoughts.

deep birthday thoughts

Cute card Dave got me for my birthday. :)

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New Workout Clothes from Target

Target is my favorite. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like Target that much.

Dave pointed out yesterday that when he was traveling all over, he enjoyed walking around stores like Best Buy and Target because they reminded him of home. I wonder if that is where my Target obsession comes from? We used to frequent the place with my mom when we were younger. There were two Targets we would go to. Mama Sue used to call one “Tar-ghetto” and the other “Tar-jay” (<-with a fancy french accent) due to their different locals. My mom is quite funny although at the time I think I rolled my eyes.

cute clothes and accessories at Target via @semihealthnut

Anyhow, after finding out I had passed the NASM personal training certification two weeks ago (<-I promise an update is coming about what I’m actually doing with the cert one of these days!), I decided I wanted a treat. I had some birthday money and a gift-card to Target (since some of my family decided to celebrate my birthday a little early when I was in Nebraska a few weeks ago) that was burning a hole in my pocket. Beaming from my recent success, I headed to my favorite store.

knock off tom-toms from Target

The first thing I saw was all of the scarves! It was about 40 degrees at the time and I also figured I could still wear a lightweight one through the spring, so I found one in one of the colors I’m obsessed with as of late. Sea-foam green, maybe?

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Did You Know…Complete Proteins [ with 8 vegan protein options ]

So I’m sure if you saw the Did You Know nutrition/fitness/health link-up post, you were wondering what the heck cookies have to do with a nutrition topic other than they are “bad for you.” (I put this in quotes because I hate saying things are “bad for you.” See I did it again.)

almond delight cookies #dessert via @semihealthnut at

Believe it or not, those Almond Delight cookies are a complete protein. No, I didn’t add a protein powder.

What is a complete protein, you ask? Good question. 

Not all protein sources are created equal. Even if the label shows “protein” it doesn’t necessarily mean your body will be able to fully use that protein.

protein collage complete proteins and essential amino acids

Let’s get into some definitions here:

Amino acids are used to build proteins in the body such as muscle proteins or proteins that make up the lens of the eye.

Essential amino acids are those that cannot be made by the body (or are made in small, insignificant amounts) so we need those amino acids to come from the food we eat.

The essential acids are: histidine (also the NASM lists this one as “semiessential”), isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine, leucine, threonine, tryptophan (the turkey one), lysine and methionine. We had to memorize those for a nutrition class I took over a year ago. No, I did not remember all of them today.

Limiting amino acids: most of the essential acids are readily available in the diet, but there are 3 amino acids that are a little more tricky to obtain. If your diet does not contain methionine/cystein (these are basically interchangeable as the body can convert from one to the other), tryptophan and lysine, it will limit the ability for the other amino acids to work in the body…which is obviously a bad thing.

There are also conditional amino acids: those only essential for certain population groups and non-essential amino acids that the body makes.

A complete protein is a food (or food coupling) that contain(s) all 9 of the essential amino acids so that your body can function at an optimum level building and repairing tissue (including growing your muscles) and lending a hand to hormone and enzyme functions.


Whew, was that enough nutrition nerding-out for you?


Now let’s dive into some of the complete protein sources available to us.

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