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Mud Running and Delicious restaurants in Chicago

Like I said in my S’mores post last week, I had the opportunity to join my blend Katie in the Chicago area for some mud running and a fun weekend away. Which of course included delicious food at various restaurants in Chicago.

It was Dave’s birthday last Thursday and since he worked all day (even coming home for his birthday dinner and getting called back in to work until midnight), we decided Chicago was his birthday weekend celebration. There was much indulging..both in food and drink!

Chicago Eats

Friday Night:

When we finally arrived in Chicago (bad planning and bickering that happens when two individuals are very tired pushed back the time we left Minnesota), our first thoughts involved FOOD. After much discussion, we arrived on pizza and decided to go with a pizza place due to the fact that you can throw your peanut shells on the floor. We are pretty classy people.

nick's pizza   pub in chicago via @semihealthnut at

Nick’s Pizza + Pub:

The décor is kind of crazy. You will find probably a hundred dead animals on the wall. If that’s not your thing, maybe get a pizza to go. Overall it’s a fun atmosphere with decently priced and fresh-tasting food. I know it’s not one of the must-see places in the Chicago area, but the fresh-tasting pizza (and a long island) was exactly what I needed that night. They also sing for birthdays, which I decided needed to happen for Dave at the last-minute.

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Decadent S’Mores Recipes

S'mores 3 ways via @semihealthnut at

I do love me some s’mores! Usually s’mores are put together with a roasted mallow (over a campfire of course) and chocolate sandwiched between two grahams. (Sandlot, anyone?)

The three s’mores recipes to come all have a slight twist on the classic recipe. Don’t miss out. Makes these ASAP!

CamelBak Relay Pitcher Giveaway

camelbak giveaway via @semihealthnut at

CamelBak recently came out with its very own filtration system called the CamelBak Relay. I am in love with it.
It’s easy to use, it filters as fast as the water comes out of the faucet (seriously!!), it saves me money AND it comes in 3 colors.

Weekend Treats, Trying New Things + Blog Traffic

golfing in minnesota

Blog traffic tends to decline in the summer months because we are all out having fun! I myself had a blast treating myself this weekend!

Did You Know #7 [ Nutrition, Fitness + Health Link-Up ]

did you know nutrition link up button 300 wide

Join the 7th Did You Know nutrition, fitness and health monthly link-up hosted on three blogs!

Banana Nut Muffins with Bacon and Chocolate Chips

banana nut protein muffins 2 with bacon and chocolate chips via @semihealthnut at

These banana nut muffins have the savory flavor of bacon with a hint of sweetness from brown sugar and maple flavoring and are sure to impress at your next brunch!

Blogging 101: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Today

3 ways to optimize your blog today via @semihealthnut at blogging

Who doesn’t want the best bang for their blog buck? Optimize your blog today using these 3 steps to boost your traffic and feel like all of your efforts are worth it!

Laugh at Yourself: 21 Bacon Confessions [+ 1 Winner]

never be afraid to laugh at yourself via @semihealthnut at

I think the ability to laugh at yourself /your situation can make or break you. Since I don’t want to break, I try to laugh at myself and found a lot of things to laugh at the past few days. Hopefully you will get a few laughs too!

You vs You: Keeping Blogging Statistics in Perspective

You vs You How to Keep Blogging Statistics in Perspective via @semihealthnut at

Keeping blogging statistics in perspective so you can actually relax and enjoy your blog and readers!

Chewy Almond Funfetti Cookies + 7 Happy Things

chewy almond funfetti cookies via @semihealthnut at perfect for customizing for any holiday including the 4th of july! #yum #recipe #cookies #dessert

7 things that are making me happy INCLUDING my new Chewy Almond Funfetti Cookies!