Should You Do a Fun Mud Run?

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I will start out by saying I’ve only done two of these runs, but they were both with different companies, different people and different states, so I feel like all of those different variables helps round out my experiences. Meaning, I didn’t just do one run and base my opinions on that one run that could have been good or bad just depending on the day/people/place.

I’ve never done a serious competitive mud run like the Tough Mudder, which from what I’ve heard are much different than the fun runs I’ve done, so I want to make sure it’s clear that I’m talking about non-competitive fun mud runs.

Fall Running Style with Target® C9

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Fall is one of those times where the weather is quite unpredictable. It might be 60 degrees but super windy (like it was in Nebraska for my 7 mile run-walk), or it might even be in the 40s and sunny.

It could even be snowing. I mean, this is Minnesota.

My solution: layers.

I know for a fact that I will have a couple of layers on for my upcoming race (half of my costume is that zebra running jacket!). I’m going to share with you some factors to take into account as well as some of my favorite Target® C9 running pieces.

New Blog Design 2014

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I’ve been wanting to make a change for awhile. As I related to my e-mail subscribers, it was like when you know you need a haircut but you put it off and put it off and then one day you’re just like OMG I NEED A HAIRCUT NOW.

Except for it was like OMG I NEED A NEW BLOG DESIGN NOW. And I decided to cut fix it myself.

The Happy Things Series

the happy things series

I’m totally fine with sharing the struggles that go on in my life or having a negative opinion on something. I think that is necessary to having a genuine blog. Some things in life are good and some are bad, right?

The thing is, I don’t want my little space on the internet to be a total downer. There is so much in life to be happy about and I want to start high lighting those things every once in awhile. I know it benefits me to look on the positive side of things and hopefully it will remind you of the happy things in your life as well!

Did You Know Link-Up #9

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Hello party people!

I was checking last month’s Did You Know link-up and it was the most happening month yet!

There were 18 links and they were all visited multiple times..way more times than the past link-ups. Thank you guys for being awesome and showing love to the bloggers linking up!

If you have no idea what the Did You Know link-up is all about, check out last week’s post where I high-light some of the awesome things about this link-up, including our pinterest board filled with pins from Did You Know participants.

Why Would You Try to Make Money Blogging?

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This is a post I’ve been putting off..oh..for months? Ever since I started trying to diversify my blogging income and started sponsored posts (gasp!) this year, I’ve wanted to talk to you guys about the mindset behind all of this.

Money + Blogging.

It’s a tricky thing to talk about. It’s kind of awkward and even taboo among some bloggers. (thus stalling on writing a post about it.) Some view it as “selling out” but others criticize bloggers for not taking their blogs seriously and for not taking money for product reviews.

With the conflicting ideas out there…let’s talk about why I decided to make money blogging.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake

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If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this bad boy coming. And by bad boy, I mean the pumpkin spice latte deliciocity that is this caffeinated smoothie. This caffeinated pumpkin spice protein drink is sure to give you the boost you need in the morning, after a workout and even makes a tasty afternoon snack.

Snickerdoodle Cashew Nut Butter

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Oh am I excited to share this recipe with you! I’ve tried this delightful homemade nut butter recipe out a couple of times and each time I basically ate the whole jar in a day. What can I say? The nutty roasted, salted cashews swirled together with cinnamon and vanilla turn me into a nut butter monster.

I told myself I had to sample for the blog…but I will admit that I just wanted an excuse to eat it by the spoonful.

You can smother this delicious homemade nut butter on toast, a banana, or spoon it into some oatmeal (or your mouth..). You might want to make a double batch if there is more than one person in your household who eats nut butter. Dave is still a little wary of anything other than Jif. Which is just fine by me.

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