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Laugh at Yourself: 21 Bacon Confessions [+ 1 Winner]

I just got home from the craziest day (update: TWO days) at work in a long time.

I work at a small cafe, so we only have 2 or 3 people working at a time and 1 of the 2 didn’t show up to open with me this morning. Aside from that there was already a list a mile long of kitchen prep to be done and everything in our “grab and go” cooler (snacks like egg salad, yogurt parfaits, to go salads, etc) was empty and needed to be stocked. On top of that we got a crazy rush of people mid-morning (because random rushes is just what happens at the cafe) at the same time two food deliveries were being made.


I love my cafe job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off sometimes.

I think the ability to laugh at yourself /your situation can make or break you. Since I don’t want to break, I try to laugh at myself. I definitely found a lot of things to laugh at the past few days. Hopefully you will get a few laughs too!

21 Bacon Confessions: It’s Good to Laugh at Yourself

I don't want to break. So I laugh. via @semihealthnut at

1. Sometimes I seriously consider not showering before work even if I haven’t showered at all the day before. I mean I’m going to end up smelling like tomatoes and asian tuna, so why not?

2. I park at the top of my parking ramp so I can walk some stairs at work. Partly for my fitbit goal of 10 flights per day. Recently I noticed that the spot I was parking in housed many pigeons and my car was getting pooed on.  

3. I get way too excited when I make food at the cafe. I even snapchat or Instagram my creations. Last week it was asian tuna.

4. I stayed late at work Monday so I could finish making two dressings so that I felt somewhat accomplished for the day. It was that serious. It may also have been after a comment from the assistant manager, “so…did you get anything done on the list today?” Gah. I felt like I hadn’t stopped moving for a second for 7 hours and wanted to cry when I heard that, but instead laughed it off and tackled the next two items for the next hour or two.

5. Tuesday I knocked over an entire smoothie container full of mocha powder, protein powder, milk and espresso shots. I think I stared at it a full minute before sulking back over to the espresso machine to re-do the shots.

never be afraid to laugh at yourself via @semihealthnut at

6. I was so frazzled I messed up the next lady’s order. (Rather I forgot to double the smoothie so she had to wait an extra 45 seconds). She looked super peeved, but when I told her I was having a rough morning, she thankfully relaxed and let me do my thing. [Read more...]

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