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Challenges + Benefits of Outdoor Running + Run or Dye Coupon Code

Looking at my nike+ app on the new iPhone (oh em gee that phone blows my mind! And makes me say things like oh em gee…), the last outdoor run before I went into Minnesota winter hibernation was in November. My first outdoor run of the year was done the day before my birthday on April 6th.

Whoa. 4-5 months of solely indoor runs?? Is that possible?

outdoor run minnesota april 2014

[I mean the lakes were still mostly frozen, but I was so excited to finally be able to run outdoors without fear of snow slip-age.]

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Easter Eats 2014 in Nebraska

Dave and I were able to make it back to Nebraska for a very short trip Easter weekend.

happy easter 2014

I posted about half a sentence about it on Sunday, but wanted to dive more into the food and fun today.


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First off, there were plenty of road-trip snacks. It’s only a 6-7 hour drive (only..ha! if I talked to myself a year ago that distance would seem crazy), but I wanted to at least TRY to resist the temptation to get the crazy expensive slash salt-and-sugar-ridden snacks from gas stations. Also I didn’t want to leave certain things at home to go bad..such as the bananas.

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Blogging 101: Recipe Plugin + Recipe Organization

So as it turns out…it was a new recipe plugin that was messing with my posting!! The Ziplist plugin to be exact. Apparently it needs an update to work with the updated version of WordPress and until it does…it keeps you from posting. Not cool, Ziplist. Not cool.

The Ziplist recipe plugin seemed like a good idea since there are ways you can monetize and expose your recipes to a wider audience…but at the expense of messing with my regular posting? No thanks.

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You might see that I got around it though on Sunday. I used Windows Live Writer which is a program you can type up a post in off-line. It worked pretty well! All I had to do was edit the SEO and pick the categories, tags, and set the featured image. It’s good to know I have an option if WordPress gets all funky on me again.

I thought I would use this incident to discuss what recipe plugin I use and how I sort my recipes…so that you can avoid any potential plugin issues. It’s no easy feat finding the perfect means of sharing a treasured recipe and organizing it is just as important.

I was going to share a new recipe…but I will leave that for later. It’s actually a tweaked version of my Almond Delight Cookies recipe (which got over 100 shares on Pinterest alone…seriously, you guys rock!!).

My Favorite Recipe Plugin

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Testing…Windows Live Writer

Testing.. testing.. 1- 2- 3!

So I have been having this issue where I can’t type anything into WordPress since I installed the update 5 days ago. This makes it awfully difficult to write a blog post. Winking smile

This is a test to see if I can post from Windows Live Writer. Cross your fingers! I really do enjoy this whole blogging thing! Although with Windows Live Writer I don’t think I can edit a post that has already been posted…and I am unable to do that in WordPress right now so this post better not have any typos!

Also go check out my sweet giveaway of a Magic Bullet and Fairlife milk coupons.

happy easter 2014

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!! We just got back from Nebraska and I miss my family already!! Also, my nephew is the cutest and I posted a video of him on Instagram because I could not believe how awesome he is at kicking his little soccer ball!! Don’t mind me giggling in the background.


amanda aka semi health nut sig


Tell me…

How was your Easter?

Has anyone else had an issue with posting in WordPress lately?

Magic Bullet Giveaway Courtesy of Fairlife Milk

Well I think I’ve teased you about this giveaway enough…on Instagram

magic bullet giveaway

…Monday’s birthday thoughts post…last Tuesday’s Target workout clothing post

Enough is enough, right?

Well, I was recently contacted by a company called Fairlife whose motto is “believe in better.” They told me they had this amazing milk for me to sample.

fairlife milk giveaway #believeinbetter

I replied back (without reading the e-mail very closely) that I am lactose-intolerant but appreciated the offer.

Well…it turns out this milk, real milk from cows, contains no lactose. Even I, the gal who gets gassy just smelling lactose, could successfully drink a full glass of real milk made by Fairlife.

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